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Netatmo presented its Climate Station (US$ 179) to the globe in 2012, supplying a very easy method for iPhone owners to track indoor and exterior temperatures and air quality at their office or homes. Since that time, a large lot of individuals have taken pleasure in the simplicity of use of the free iOS application and the ability to see what’s taking place weather-wise not only in and around their own residences, but around the globe via shared data. While I have actually made use of the Netatmo Weather Station for almost two years and have actually been thrilled with just how it just chugs along sending out data, I’ve been sorry for not having the capability to understand the amount of rainfall has actually fallen at my residence. The business has actually simply launched a brand-new accessory for the Weather condition Station– a $ 79 Rainfall Gauge that deals with the base terminal to add rainfall size to the mix.


  • Dimensions: Channel diameter: 5.0 in (12.7 cm), base size 3.5 in (8.89 cm), height 4.5 in (11.43 centimeters)
  • Weight: 7.3 oz (206.95 gms)
  • Sort of rainfall gauge: tipping bucket
  • Gauging assortment:.2 mm/hr to 900 mm/hr (.0078 inches/hr to 35.43 inches/hr)
  • Accuracy: 1 mm/hr (.0394 inches/hr)
  • Maximum. span in between base terminal and rain gauge: 100 m (328 feet)
  • Power: Two AAA electric batteries (consisted of)

Layout Features

Netatmo’s Weather Terminal is extremely trendy, with the interior base station being a smooth aluminum cylinder that does every one of its work without being obtrusive. Similarly, the Rainfall Gauge is really attractive and would not run out place on a patio or outdoor patio.

On the bottom of the Rainfall Gauge is a common tripod screw place, meanings that that it could be positioned atop a lot of extensively available mounting alternatives. For my examinations, I simply put the device on the pavement– not the finest place, but it was for a short-lived test.

The real rain gauge is found within the physical body of the gadget under the funnel area. It uses a very common kind of gauge called a “tipping bucket”– there is a seesaw-like system with 2 little buckets, one on each side of a counter. When a pail fulls of rainfall, it tips and empties itself while the various other fills. The to and fro movement of the system is counted, which gives a strongly precise measure of simply the amount of rainfall has dropped.

Tipping Bucket rain gauge mechanism

Capability Features

The Rainfall Gauge was quite very easy to include in the Netatmo Weather condition Terminal network, also without directions (this was a pre-release device). The process just required pressing the top of the base station till the seldom-seen LED on the front of the unit shone blue, whereupon it restarted and added the gauge.

Once the Rainfall Gauge was contributed to the device, it was merely a matter of awaiting rain. Here in completely dry Colorado, I was worried that I could need to wait weeks until I ‘d be able to send out the system back to Netatmo, however the good news is we got a good rainstorm last night that began at around 6 PM and disposed moisten and off for about 4 hours.

I have and run a “professional” weather condition station, so I had the ability to make a comparison of the readings I got from both stations. Certainly, both stations revealed the rainfall starting and ending at regarding the same time. Taking a look at the per hour rain total amounts in the Netatmo application showed.06 inches in the initial hr,.12 inches in the second hour,.09 inches in the 3rd hour, and.13 inches in the fourth hour for a total amount of.40 inches. My other terminal showed.09 inches in the initial hr,.15 inches in the 2nd hour,.12 inches in the third hour, and.13 inches in the 4th hour for a total of.49 inches.

After retrieving the Netatmo Rainfall Determine this early morning I discovered why it really did not measure as much precipitation as the other station– it was found near some plants that are currently fledgling out and the funnel had a lot of “plant particles” that was blocking it. For the many part, however, I felt that the Netatmo gauge functioned well and properly gauged as much of the rainfall as it could.


The Rain Gauge is a welcome addition to the Netatmo Weather condition Terminal ecosystem and adds another data factor to any kind of individual climate records you may want to prevent. Particularly in drier climates, understanding exactly the amount of precipitation you obtained at your place could allow save water utilized in preventing yards and yards flourishing, and you’ll consistently have that information on your iPhone with the Netatmo application. While the Rainfall Gauge is much more costly than a basic hand-operated rainfall gauge, simply think about it through this– you do not need to empty the Netatmo Rainfall Gauge once a day.

Ranking: 4 stars out of 4 superstars feasible

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