Back in 2012, a regional Fox member ran an information tale displaying just what they thought was the iPhone 5. Actually, it was a concept video clip with non-existent attributes like holographic images and an estimate keyboard.

iphone patent

The internet laughed and all of us happened with our lives. Now, Apple has submitted a license that introduces among those mythic functions a smidgen closer to truth.

The patent, titled “iPhone Frequency Sensor/Magnifier Application” explains a device that, with an iPhone laying on a flat surface, utilizes numerous acoustic signals and resonance readings to properly transform that surface area into a functional touch panel. The surface in inquiry can then be split into different areas that, when touched, could possibly be used for different input.

iphone patent

The license particularly calls out the probability of such innovation being used for keyboard input, game control, or for navigating and playing music from the iPhone.

There’s even a reference of managing to publish out a paper keyboard that could possibly be utilized together with the iPhone’s noticing capacities, as well as the concept that the iPhone itself could predict the keyboard or various other input grid onto a surface.

It’s a wild idea, and while we have actually seen online keyboards in the past, they’re normally confusing and generally not precise sufficient to count on for extended periods of time. The modern technology described in Apple’s license seems a lot more state-of-the-art, so on the small chance that we ever before view an iPhone that actually uses it, that advanced idea video clip could not have been so insane after all.

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