The Unicode Specification that governs the kinds of emoji that appear on mobile messaging systems was just recently upgraded with a wide variety of brand-new alternatives.

As at first relayed by The Verge, it’s now up to Apple to choose which of the new 250 emoji icons it wants to throw into the iOS emoji alphabet. Some of the new items Apple can now select from consist of a smattering of interesting probabilities, including however not limited to the following:

  • Guy In Organizational Meet Levitating
  • Derelict Residence Building
  • Chipmunk
  • Sleuth Or Spy
  • Black Skull And Crossbones
  • Altered Hand With Middle Finger Extended

Ah, yes. Apple now has the alternative of tossing a center finger into the emoji mix. Just how fun an addition would certainly that be? just recently gave a mockup of exactly what that might resemble.

Below is a partial photo of exactly what several of the standard icons resemble as assembled by the Unicode Consortium. Remember, however, that the last icon layout is completely as much as Apple. As we have actually prevoiusly highlighted, the same emoji could look completely different across varying systems. Still, these amounts aid supply a concept of what Apple may choose to carry out.

In this chance below, we can view the middle finger icon, the spy, and the bizarrely fun levitating business male.

So what say you TUAW viewers? Do you assume Apple will implement the center finger emoji or might that be a bit as well risqué? Prior to you respond to, consider this: which would have ever before guessed that Apple would certainly make a joke regarding “OS X weed” at WWDC?

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