Saturday, October 22, 2016

New MultiSync Wireless keyboards are launched by Kanex for iOS customers and Mac

Common accessory producer Kanex today introduced a brand new selection of Wireless keyboards for Mac and iOS users that permit simple switching between as much as four wirelessly linked devices, in addition to two items targeted particularly at iPad customers.

You will find four new keyboards within the selection such as the complete-sized keyboard in dark and metal described below, and an inferior miniature edition (above) that’s a great deal like Apple’s own wireless keyboard inform element (without the dubious arrow key dimension).


Furthermore, you’ll discover two new iPad keyboards withstand addresses, one for that iPad mini and one for possibly the iPad Air or iPad Pro:

  • MultiSync Metal Keyboard $99.95
  • MultiSync Mini Keyboard $49.95
  • EasySync iPad Keyboard Withstand Address $49.95
  • EasySync iPad Mini-Keyboard Withstand Address $39.95

The organization notices the stay about the keyboards that are iPad may help a smartphone in the event you wish to make use of the keyboard with other device or an iPhone.

Possibly my personal favorite function of the brand new keyboards at first look may be the style of both dark and metal keyboards that’ll easily fit in properly for Mac customers wherever the all-white and aluminumm Apple keyboard seems a little out-of location nowadays (like with my MacBook or Mac Pro pc startup and mostly-black screens and equipment).

Two batteries are sadly taken by the bigger of both metal keyboards, as the small  both iPad keyboards and edition range from the receiving wire that is anticipated and integral batteries.

All the new keyboards can be found alongside specifications and more information on Kanex’s site today. Watch out to get a complete evaluation within the forseeable future.

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