Neglect Touch ID, Apple has actually dreamed up a method for your iPhone to identify which you are simply by how you utilize it.

patent image

In a brand-new license labelled “Generating Notifications Based upon User Behavior,” Apple explains a means for a mobile operating tract to determine patterns in your usage, and can also be utilized to automatically lock down the gadget in the event that it is taken.

The device shops a massive amount of data based on use. Everything from the means you type to the accelerometer readings when you’re making use of the device while strolling can be used as a historic recommendation. If a customer’s patterns do not match that of the device’s owner, the gadget could secure itself to prevent use or inhibit the danger of identity burglary.

As with all Apple patents– particularly the ones that seem unbelievably great– there’s an excellent chance we’ll never view this function appear in a retail tool. That stated, Apple appears to be all about individual customer safety these days, and such a feature would definitely be in line with that fad.

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