Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will be revealed next week at Berlin’s IFA, and although we have actually already seen what the gadget looks like thanks to a variety of reports and sightings, we’ve a brand-new leakage of the gadget in exactly what appears to be some type of camouflage. The Oriental producer typically positions its unannounced gadgets in unusual housing prior to the huge disclose, however although the boxy nature of the Note 4′′ s casing is clearly designed to throw the on-looking tech world off the scent, you can still construct the kind element of the upcoming phablet.


The marketplace for smartphones with exceptionally large displays is one that Samsung is credited with forging following the release of the preliminary Galaxy Note, and although doubters questioned whether consumers would take the bait, sales figures over the previous few Note generations suggest that the phablet age is still prospering.

Undoubtedly, the Note 4 mightn’t look much different than last year’s Note 3, but it does offer a number of crucial improvements.

The display, for the first time, hasn’t gotten bigger, but instead of a 5.7-inch 1080p panel, Samsung has actually chosen to sharpen things up with a quad-HD resolution. The variety of pixels alone does not necessarily determine the total efficiency of a display, similar to a rear-facing electronic camera’s megapixel count does not constantly correspond to a jubilant point-and-shoot experience. With that said, the display and shooter of the Galaxy S5 is perhaps second to none, and with the Note 4 most likely to borrow many of its hardware features from the company’s flagship, don’t be shocked if the Galaxy Note 4 offers a likewise wonderful visual and photographic experience.


Not just does the Note line-up always deliver the huge display and the S Pen stylus, however it is created for the power user. With a bumped processor going along with a huge, removable battery and microSD slot, it’s made of those with a thirst for material and productivity, and although this year’s IFA will be jam-packed with huge mobile statements, Samsung will likely steal the show with the Galaxy Note 4.


Next week, on September 3rd, all will certainly be formally revealed, and as ever, we’ll be following the day’s development carefully.

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