Although Apple and Samsung routinely drag one an additional via the slog of the court room in quibbles over patents and whatnot, these two keenest of rivals likewise prefer to take digs at each other via advertising and marketing.

Samsung Ad iPhone

Whether a new item is being launched or has been around for many months, both Apple and Samsung like to explain the flaws of their opponent’s item lines, and now, the Oriental Galaxy mold has actually taken a pop at the iPhone’s battery life.

Samsung has, in the past, used the iPhone launch as a prime target for some Apple-focused ribbing, and although we’re still an excellent number of months far from viewing exactly what’s following out of Cupertino, Samsung has actually nonetheless seized the opportunity to poke a little fun at the iPhone and its users.

The new promotion, which aims to advertise the relatively-new Galaxy S5, views iPhone customers scurrying for power outlets at an airport, with their electric batteries running near-empty. Galaxy S5 proprietors, meanwhile, have the benefit of the built-in ultra power saving mode, along with the alternative of popping in an additional electric battery pack.

Also though the next-gen iPhone is set to grow, in line with Android devices like the Galaxy S5, you could feel confident that detachable battery will not be on the program, and although Apple consistently ventures to enhance tool efficiency and guarantee that its comparatively low-capacity batteries retain enough juice to power via an entire day, you do feel as though scenarios like this one highlighted by Samsung will certainly stay commonplace.

These advertisements are just ever funny if there’s any sort of truth behind the banter, and while the iPhone 5s, like its predecessors, continues to be strong in numerous departments, it still does not cover itself in splendor from a battery recognition factor of see.

The Galaxy S5, meanwhile, in our examinations, handles itself rather well. Not just that, but with the benefit of the power conserving options and, naturally, the removable battery, you can constantly make stipulations and guarantee that your mobile phone keeps ticking over.


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