Google’s chocolatey KitKat 4.4. x flavor of Android is learnt by numerous as an instead incremental bump on 4.3 Jelly Grain, and hence, there’s a genuine feeling of expectancy surrounding exactly what’s following from the search giant’s flagship mobile OS.

Android Nexus 5

According to records and leakages, the following model is presently being described just as “”” L” at its current developing phase, and as each some more recent protection, the so-called “”Quantum Paper” “movement underpinning the whole procedure will find to bring uniformity to Google software application as a whole – – no matter of tool or platform.

Android “”” L”will undergo some substantial layout overhauls, however it’s rather clear, from just what we’re hearing, that the Large G’s larger software application product roster goes through some significant modifications.

So, exactly what exactly is Quantum Paper? Well essentially, it’s a semi-rebuild of the method in which Google software application is created, enabling, as an example, an iOS customer running their e-mail with, state, Gmail, to take pleasure in a practically identical experience as their Android-using counterparts. Despite the fact that Quantum Paper refers to develop language, though, the system would certainly would deal with both a functional and aesthetic degree, so we listen to, and as soon as rolled out, Google’s applications and services ought to supply consistency on all gadgets and systems.

Quantum Paper’s neat UI will certainly be re-worked from scratch, with this procedure already said to be in full swing, and although we’ve yet to set up a release duration for the official end user roll-out, we can not hang around to view exactly how it looks when the whole process is total.

These UI aspects will certainly start to reveal throughout the Google software program line-up, and by the time Android “”” L” is deemed ready for prime-time show, a lot of, otherwise every one of Google’s software application must have been managed to the Quantum Paper touch-up.


As a veteran individual of several Google solutions, I’m quite looking forward to this remodeling and, in specific, just what it does for the Gmail application. The Gmail advancement team has, over the years, created something genuinely remarkable, and with this brand-new transformation readied to make the terrific e-mail service much better compared to ever in the past, I make sure several of you will be as excited as us regarding the prospect of Google’s Quantum Paper initiative.

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