Since early recently, Samsung has managed London Heathrow Airport terminal’s Terminal 5 in a typically over-the-top advertising campaign that has viewed the entrance relabelled “Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5.”


In addition to that, the location is flooded with signboards promoting the Oriental firm’s most popular smartphone, and this event is established to continue for an additional week yet. Before Samsung’s takeover, however, Nokia – – now Microsoft – had quite a sizeable marketing stake in Terminal 5, and given the mobile industry competitor, it’s not a surprise that the Windows Phone titan has actually started trolling Sammy’s initiatives with a little project of its very own.

The “Lumianauts” are, as the name recommends, astronaut-clad people out to push the Microsoft Mobile Lumia amidst a surge of Galaxy S5 promotion, or even though there are significant touches in that the Lumia is trying the affections of the same consumer base, the Home windows maker’s very own initiatives are generally light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek.

Certainly, the Lumianauts appear to be shed, looking for an air travel into the Galaxy. Having actually not found anything specifically significant in the terminal, the Lumianauts are clearly not excited by the Galaxy S5, however, this shouldn’t be at all unexpected.

The Galaxy S5 was revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in February, and also though it was met mixed response at the time, it released last month to videotape first-weekend sales for a Galaxy phone. Ever since, it has been heavily honored for its phenomenal screen and video camera – – which boasts 4K video assistance to name a few excellent perks – – or even though the current high-end Lumias have actually additionally continuouslied push a high-spec video camera ethos that began some years ago with Nokia, Microsoft has a great deal of foundation to do just before these mobiles can lesson themselves as legit Galaxy competitors.



Microsoft additionally noted that in the Lumia, it has a gadget that “is consistently heavenly,” one more refined pop at the Samsung Galaxy naming. But despite the fact that, as a Lumia 1020 proprietor myself, I find it quite a lot conceivable that Lumia could someday challenge the similarity the Galaxy, Microsoft will certainly need to greatly expand and enrich the Windows Phone ecosystem just before we see the day.

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