Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Now You Can Obtain A Tesla Design S For Children [Movie]

If you happen to notice your child looking adoringly at your beautiful Tesla Model S with a slight tinge of jealousy racing through his or her eyes, then a new partnership may provide the solution. A collaboration between Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors and Radio Flyer has produced an adorable mini electric Tesla Model S aimed specifically at children. The super cute little Tesla Model S for Kids is available to pre-order right now for a very agreeable $499, and will of course offer the stunning visual appeal of the full-size model, as well as being powered by batteries – obviously.

Like any good Tesla, this particular build aimed at the little people comes with some configurable options. The standard model will retail at $499, and will ship with a 140Wh lithium-ion battery pack. If your child happens to be more of the picky type who likes the finer things in life, then an additional $90 outlay can see that integrated battery pack upgraded to a 190Wh version. $90 may seem like a relatively small outlay from a financial perspective, but it should be enough to guarantee an additional “50-percent” playtime.


The mini-wheeler also sports working headlights, forward and reverse gears, a fully functioning trunk aptly referred to as the “Frunk”, and even a sound system of its own so that your kid can go rolling down the block in style.


The collaboration also sees the mini Tesla Model S for Kids offered with a number of aesthetic finishes. Choice of colors include “Midnight Silver Metallic”, Deep Blue Metallic”, or “Red Multi-Coat”. There’s also the option to upgrade those rims if you see fit by splurging an additional $15 on “Silver Turbine Wheels”. If you’ve gone as far as upgrading the wheels and internal battery pack, then you may as well stick on the Tesla-branded custom license plate for $15, as well as the $25 parking sign. Oh, and there’s a $50 indoor car cover if you really want to protect that beautiful paint job. Take into account all of those extras and you could end up with an $800 mini electric vehicle for your child. But it is a Tesla.


It’s fully featured, fully customizable, and has a top speed of 6 miles-per-hour. There’s also a limiter available if your child happens to be a terribly aggressive driver that can limit the top speed to a non-destructive 3 miles-per-hour. The Tesla Model S for Kids is available to pre-order right now, direct from Radio Flyer.

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