Daily iPhone App: Blendoku has you lining up colors to match

Blendoku is based on a crazy idea, made even crazier by the fact that it works. I am just plain terrible at colors. When I was working retail, I spent an entire day learning to lay out merchandise according to color. I was so bad at it, the trainer sent me right back to customer service. That’s the very skill set that Blendoku tests, yet I still enjoy playing it.

Tim Cook: US-made Macs will be assembled in Texas

Tim Cook on Tuesday morning appeared before Congress to talk about Apple’s tax practices, with a specific focus on Apple’s foreign stash of cash. As it stands now, the bulk of Apple’s revenue is derived from overseas sales. Consequently, Apple has chosen to keep that cash abroad where it’s subject to much lower tax rates than the corporate income tax rate of 35% it would be subject to if it brought that cash back.

During his opening remarks, Cook highlighted all Apple has done for the U.S. economy, emphasizing how much the company already pays in domestic taxes and how it’s been responsible for the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the U.S.

Further, Cook noted that Apple was investing $100 million to begin manufacturing Macs in the US. While we had previously heard of Apple’s plans to do so, Cook for the first time fleshed out some more details, in a geographic sense, surrounding Apple’s plans.

"The world’s only 7-Star hotel" is giving 24k gold-plated iPads to guests

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is often referred to as “the world’s only 7-Star hotel.” And now you can see why. The hotel has announced that it will be giving 24-carat gold-plated iPads to guests at check-in. The iPad will act as a “virtual concierge” for the hotel’s guests, with information like maps, housekeeping services, spa services, and more.

Guests will be required to give the iPads back when they check out, unless they choose to purchase it (there’s no word on the cost). The gold-plated iPad isn’t the only Apple product that the Burj Al Arab’s guests can enjoy: each of its 202 rooms has an iMac as well.

Chinese activists complain of Apple Store light pollution

Environmental activist group, Friends of the Earth HK, claims Apple’s Causeway flagship store in Hong Kong is a major contributor to light pollution in the area. Apple reportedly runs about 500 lamps and spotlights over night, and the light spills outside of the store into the Hong Kong streets. According to a report in M.I.C. Gadget, Friends of the Earth HK says light from the store can be seen as far as 700 meters away.

Hong Kong is known for its colorful and illuminated skyline, but all these lights may be having a negative effect on residents. A recent study suggests that parts of Hong Kong have light levels that are 1,200 times higher than international standards. This nighttime brightness is affecting the sleep patterns of residents who can’t escape the blinking neon. A government task force is looking at ways of curbing light pollution from restaurants, retail outlets and other buildings in the area. Though Apple isn’t being targeted by the government, M.I.C. Gadget claims the council has received several complaints about the amount of light pouring out of Apple’s retail stores at night.

AT&T waiving overage charges for Oklahoma customers affected by tornadoes

This morning, AT&T sent out a message to Oklahoma customers affected by yesterday’s tornado devastation noting that those in the affected areas will have all voice, data and text overages waived through June 30.

The company also reminded AT&T Wireless customers across the country that they can support disaster relief efforts by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. That text message sends a donation of $10 to the American Red Cross and is charged on the customer’s monthly bill.

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