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Despite the great success and momentum of the iPad, the iPhone is still probably Apple’s product that continues to receive the most attention by the broadest number of consumers as well as by investors. The smartphone slips easily into a pocket, accesses cloud from virtually anywhere, has a slick and engaging user interface, and supports hundreds of thousands of apps. It has been updated every year since its introduction and makes billions for the company. Microsoft covets its success.

But Apple has another product that in many ways is the anti-iPhone. It usually never leaves the home, doesn’t access any cloud services and has no apps or even local user interface. Its rare updates often consist of little more than a capacity increase. And if Microsoft, which keeps chasing the idea of a cohesive user experience, wouldn’t gain much from the revenue it drives, it would still do well to offer its benefits.

Realmac’s Clear app is free to download today

Realmac's Clear app is free to download todayClear for iOS is an elegant, simple, and extremely intuitive to-do list app which adds an element of fun to what might otherwise be rather static and boring lists. Suffice it to say, it’s well worth checking out if you find yourself juggling a bunch of tasks on a consistent basis. Notably, the app was listed on Apple’s top app picks for 2012.

While the app normally sells for $1.99, Realmac Software has teamed up with Starbucks to offer the app for free for one day only.

Apple requests Android source code in Samsung lawsuit

That’s the word from Bloomberg News today. Apple has asked a U.S. Magistrate Judge to force Google to turn over the Android source code. It’s part of Apple’s case against Samsung, and Apple continues to believe its intellectual property has been stolen.

Not surprisingly, Google, who owns the Android source code, isn’t eager to comply. Complaining Apple is casting too wide a net, Google attorneys say Apple’s request is too broad. The legal arguments stem from a case Apple filed last year that covers technology in newer smartphones like the iPhone 5. Apple wants to make sure newer smartphones from Samsung, like the Galaxy S III, don’t infringe Apple intellectual property.

Photographer Peter Belanger on shooting for Apple

Photographer Peter Belanger on shooting for Apple

The Verge has an interesting interview up with Peter Belanger, the man responsible for many of Apple’s iconic product shots. Though you may not be familiar with the name, Belanger is a San Francisco-based photographer who helps make Apple’s products look so darn appealing and aesthetically sharp. If you’ve ever seen an advertisement for an Apple product on the subway or even checked out Apple’s website, you’ve seen his work.

When asked about the process behind an Apple product shoot, Belanger explains:

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