Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful (apparently) landing this month on iOS

There’s no place like home Twitter to let announcements slip before you’re supposed to, because even if you delete a tweet, chances are good someone’s already seen it. Such was the case when a Disney PR rep in France prematurely announced that the company is planning to release Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful, a tie-in with the Sam Raimi film set in L. Frank Baum’s fantasy universe due in theaters March 8, on February 27. The tweet was subsequently yanked, but not before being noticed by the sleuths at Superannuation.

We have to admit that the land of Oz would at least make a visually striking setting for a new offshoot of Temple Run, much like the Scottish Highlands from Pixar’s Brave did for Temple Run: Brave — another collaboration between Disney and Imangi — released last year. Hopefully the new game will include enhancements and mechanics found in the recent Temple Run 2, with some Oz staples added for good measure. After all, running away from flying monkeys just makes sense.

iMac ship times lengthen in Europe

Ship times for Apple’s latest generation iMac slipped to four to six weeks for the 27-inch model and three to four weeks for the 21.5-inch model in some European Apple Stores. As noted by MacGeneration, these changes first appeared in France on Monday. A quick check of other European stores suggest this delay affects most of Europe.

Unlike the iPad and iPhone which sold like hotcakes, Apple’s Mac shipments in Q1 2013 slipped by 700,000 units. This decrease was attributed in part to cannibalization by the iPad. Supply constraints also hindered Apple’s ability to deliver the new iMacs in a timely manner. “We believe our Mac sales would have been much higher absent those constraints,” said CEO Tim Cook during the company’s latest earnings conference call.

Foxconn to allow union elections

For the first time ever, Foxconn is reportedly allowing its workers to elect union representatives. A Telegraph UK report says Foxconn will hold elections for a union chairman and 20 members of the Federation of Labour Unions Committee. Elections will take place every five years.

Both Foxconn and Apple have been criticized for poor working conditions, excessive overtime and low pay in the Chinese manufacturer’s factories. In response, Apple has started releasing regular Supplier Responsibility Progress Reports and has worked with the Fair Labor Association to improve Foxconn’s work environment.

Three UK bringing low cost 4G to your iPhone

Three has announced that low-cost 4G networks in the UK will soon be a reality.

The 4G LTE standard has been slow to roll out in the UK compared to other countries. Currently iPhone 5 owners in the UK (and owners of compatible WiFi+Cellular iPads and iPad minis) have just one option: the carrier EE.

Apple product placement in Netflix’s House of Cards

Apple product placement in Netflix's House of Cards

Placement of Apple products in TV shows and movies is usually a subtle way for the company to insert its product line into the psyche of the viewing public. Engadget’s Sharif Sakr thinks that Apple and the people behind Netflix’s streaming series House of Cards may have gone a bit too far with product placement.

As Sakr notes, House of Cards is a “big deal,” a streaming exclusive that is funded by Netflix and that doesn’t have to be edited to fit into specific broadcast time slots or to add advertisement breaks. But he was stunned with just how blatant the product placement was. There was one scene in the show — see the image at the top of this post — in which there are nine Apple devices being used by two people.

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