TUAW Year in Review: October 2012

Welcome to TUAW’s Year in Review. Month by month, we’re running down the top stories of 2012, all day long on New Year’s Day.

A New Year, a new iPhone 5 ad — "Dream"

A new iPhone 5 ad has just shown up on YouTube. “Dream,” oddly enough, highlights the one feature of the iPhone 5 that wasn’t working properly this morning — Do Not Disturb.

In this case, Do Not Disturb is being used to keep a nice dream going … a dream in which the narrator is playing table tennis against the Williams sisters, and winning.

Another New Year, another iOS glitch: Do Not Disturb issues hit iOS 6 users

Another New Year, another iOS glitch

Just like clockwork, so to speak, the New Year brings new and interesting iOS hiccups. Apple’s Do Not Disturb feature is going the extra mile: it’s not disturbing, even after it’s set to turn itself off.

iOS users are reporting the issue through several Apple forums today. You can tell if you have the problem because the little crescent moon icon will still be visible even after the time DND has been set to turn itself off. I noticed the problem on both my iPad and iPhone running iOS 6.

Zynga shuts down 11 apps, including PetVille and Mafia Wars 2

Zynga has announced that it’s closing 11 different games and apps, presumably just because they’ve failed to live up to the publisher’s expectations. Perhaps the most popular app of the bunch is Petville, which at one point announced that it had over a million users. But there are a few other big titles in the 11 as well: Mafia Wars 2, FishVille, Treasure Isle, and Vampire Wars are all getting shut down as well.

The company’s CEO says this is all part of a standard restructuring, and it makes sense that Zynga, which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, would want to emphasize its strengths and minimize its weaker titles. But this is also a sign that the Zynga brand isn’t invincible, and that clearly, the company needs hits to keep itself moving. 2013 may be a rocky year for Zynga, if it can’t replicate the success it’s seen in the past with FarmVille and the other games it’s acquired, like Draw Something and Words with Friends.

iTunes offering a big $6.99 sale on some music bestsellers

Just in time for the new year, Apple is offering a big iTunes sale on some of the best-selling albums of 2012. Over on iTunes, you can grab some great (like Macklemore’s The Heist and the new Mumford and Sons) and/or popular albums (like Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and One Direction) for just $6.99 each.

That’s a solid deal on some great tunes (and some not-so-great, but each to their own, right?). The deal runs through December 3, so grab ‘em quick. If you want even more music to listen to in 2013, iTunes is also offering a big number of other popular albums for just a dollar more. And of course, once you buy these tracks, Apple will let you download them on whatever devices you’d like, so there’s no better way to spruce up your music library and get it all ready for another year.

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