Three years ago today the first iPad had us waiting in lines to buy one

Hands up, all of you still using your first-generation iPads. Although it was only three years ago, the iPad has progressed quite a bit since its introduction (which was in January — Apple didn’t specify a release date at the time). Codenamed K48, the iPad was in development before the iPhone, but obviously the iPhone took design cues from the iPad and would set the smartphone standard for several years.

In fact, three years ago today you could only buy the Wi-Fi version, as the cellular version (Wi-Fi+3G) wouldn’t debut until the end of the month. Still, my local Apple store had over 50 people waiting in line to buy one. Mine is still in great condition, aside from a few scratches on the screen — I blame my cats.

Net Applications: Safari still the top mobile browser

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Apple’s Safari still dominates mobile browser web traffic. As reported by John Paczkowski at AllThingsD, Safari for iOS grabbed 61.79 percent of all mobile browser web traffic in March of 2013, up from 55.41 percent in February.

Net Applications bases its numbers on 160 million visits to more than 40,000 websites each month. The numbers show that despite being installed on many more devices than Safari, Google’s Android browser on captures 21.86 percent of mobile web traffic, followed by Opera Mini at 8.4 percent.

Amazon introduces Cloud Drive File Sync for OS X

Amazon has introduced file syncing to its Cloud Drive app for OS X, which essentially makes Cloud Drive Amazon’s version of Dropbox.

Mac users can install the app on OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7 or OS X 10.8, and drag files in and out of the Cloud Drive folder. Any file put into the Cloud Drive folder will be available on any Mac or Windows machine running Cloud Drive with your login details. The files are also available through any web browser.

Firefox hits version 20, adds download manager, more

Mozilla has released Firefox version 20 for OS X, which adds several new features and enhancements. Most notably, the download manager is now accessible from the toolbar. Previously it was hidden and users had to access it through the menu bar or keyboard shortcuts.

You can use the new download manager to pause and resume downloads, cancel them, open the downloads folder, or go to the website from which a downloaded item originated.

Hearing aid maker sues Apple over EarPods, alleges trademark infringement

Hearing Aid company sues Apple over EarPods, alleges trademark infringement

Late last week, Apple was hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit courtesy of Randolph Divisions, a company that manufactures digital hearing aids. The Next Web reports that the suit, which was filed in Hawaii, alleges that Apple’s EarPods headphones infringe upon their own “HearPod” trademark and product.

Apple’s EarPods were originally released alongside the iPhone 5 this past September. They were touted as offering better sound quality and more comfort than previous Apple headphones which, while iconic, weren’t exactly best in class audio-wise.

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