AAPL dropped below $500 on Monday

Apple 2.0 is reporting that Apple stock dropped to US$497 in pre-market trading this morning. That’s the first time that the stock has been below $500 since February 15, 2012.

On Sunday, Citigroup lowered its price target for AAPL and also downgraded the stock from Buy to Neutral. That bad news was tempered by a report from Apple showing that over two million iPhone 5s had been sold in mainland China in just three days.

How to use Google Maps with Siri

For many, the release of Google Maps for iOS was like the Second Coming. However, since Google’s maps are no longer integrated directly into iOS, using some features on the iPhone — like asking Siri for directions — still open Apple’s Maps app.

Thankfully a few workarounds have emerged that don’t require any jailbreaking or coding skills. The first, and by far the easiest is this simple tip from JailbreakNation (again, no jailbreaking required). Simply ask Siri for directions as you normally would, except add the phrase “in transit” to your query. This will open up Apple’s Maps app on the Transport Apps page. Tap the “Route” button next to Google Maps and your directions will open in the Google Maps app.

Chinese iPhone 5 sales top 2 million in first weekend

Apple announced yesterday that it has sold over 2 million iPhone 5′s in China in the three days since its launch on December 14.

Review: Color Thief for iOS

Color Thief is an interesting app for photo buffs that copies color information from one photo and applies it to another. That makes it a rather unique feature. My first reaction was “who cares?” but after playing with the app for awhile I found it interesting to apply a color scheme from one landscape photo to another. The results were sometimes weird, but at other times I liked the result, and it was a color scheme that I could not have arrived at any other way.

I also took one color selection from a single image, and applied it to several other images, so they all had similar color tones. Great for creating a collage. Images are saved at original resolution which is a plus because so many apps scale them down.

Rumor Roundup: Taking analysts way too seriously

In the absence of much real news to report on this week, the rumor blogs did what they do best in times of drought: they took so-called “analysts” way too seriously. I’ve always thought of “analysts” as the tech world’s equivalent of astrologers — they generally keep things vague enough to make it difficult to call them out for being wrong right away, and when they are wrong (which they nearly always are), almost no one calls them on it. Yet just like astrologers, for some reason these people continue to get space right next to actual news items. It’s baffling.

Analyst thinks ‘iPhone 5S’ due in June with better camera, NFC, multiple color options (9to5 Mac)

This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Some guy said the next iPhone will come out in June, with multiple colors and other features. His proof? Trick question, because he doesn’t have any. So why was it worth reporting on what this guy said at all? Is he an expert on Apple’s supply chain? A former Apple executive with decent insight into the company’s inner workings? Nope, he’s just some guy. He knows as much about the next iPhone as you do: virtually nothing.

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