Talkcast tonight, 10 pm ET: Watching the detectives

At last weekend’s Engadget Expand conference, three Apple-centric brains put on their thinking caps to forecast the company’s next big product move.

Although analyst Gene Munster, blogger/investor MG Siegler and our own fearless leader Victor Agreda, Jr. may not have found consensus on the prospects for an Apple-branded TV set, they all did agree that there’s a wearable device (presumably worn on the wrist) coming in the not too distant future.

Satellite Safari gives you a unique vantage point for what is in orbit

Satellite Safari is a new iOS app from the creators of Sky Safari. Rather than look at the universe, Satellite Safari has more local ambitions.

The app contains a complete database of what is orbiting the earth. It allows you to find what is overhead, then view the spacecraft from earth, from above the earth, or right next to the orbiting satellite with the sun’s lighting at the correct orientation. You can easily find what is above you at any time, and try to locate it with binoculars or with the naked eye if the satellite is bright enough. The satellite positions are updated every second, and the position calculations are updated every day.

WSJ: Apple acquires WiFiSLAM indoor location tech startup

In a reported $20 million acquisition deal, Apple has bought the “indoor GPS” company WiFiSLAM, according to the Wall Street Journal Digits blog.

The startup, founded by Stanford CS grad & former Google coding intern Joseph Huang, offered a way to let smartphones find their location indoors to an accuracy of less than 10 feet (2.5 m) using the ambient WiFi signals in the environment.

Portenzo Alano and Boomerang cases for iPad mini: review and giveaway

The release last year of the iPad mini resulted in many accessory manufacturers scrambling to redesign full-size iPad cases for the smaller footprint of the mini, and now we’re seeing the fruits of their labors. Case manufacturer Portenzo recently released both the Alano (starting at US$99.95) and Boomerang (starting at $69.95) iPad mini cases. Check out the review of these two cases, and then stick around to have a chance to win one.


Caturday: Moco guards the Apple TV

This week’s Caturday gato is Moco, who owner Boan Rubalcava says “loves to sit on top of the Apple TV” (under his right front paw, as you can see). I wonder if Moco watches all the shows upside down from his perch above the TV? The handsome Moco is already Internet-famous, having been the star of an Instagram entry where he was viewed thousands of times and got a whopping 867 likes!

If you’ve got a Caturday nominee to share, let us know via our feedbackpage. For security reasons we can’t accept inbound attachments, so you should host the photo (Dropbox, Flickr, iPhoto Journals, etc.) and send us the link.

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