Apple to open first Swedish retail store

A visit to a mall in Sweden by Swedish site has confirmed (by the familiar black covering and the Apple logo) that there is indeed a new store opening up near Stockholm. The Täby Spectrum shopping center will host that country’s first Apple Store, starting on September 15.

Apple’s been laying the groundwork in Sweden for a while now, filing a business registration certificate last November, and hiring for the store earlier this year. But the company is now getting closer than ever to actually selling items in the store.

Square Enix’s World Ends With You: Solo Remix arrives on iOS

Square Enix's World Ends With You Solo Remix arrives on iOS

Square Enix dropped a surprise on the App Store this weekend: a specially-formulated for iOS version of its really inventive RPG The World Ends With You. The game was first created for the Nintendo DS (and made extensive use of that device’s lower touch screen), and the newly released “Solo Remix” brings the title to iOS, adding completely redrawn art compatible with Retina Displays, the ability to share items socially, Game Center integration, and new songs added to the already wild Japanese pop-styled soundtrack.

This is an big release in a lot of different ways — not only has Square Enix made sure that this iOS version is specially created just for Apple devices, but it’s also decided to stand by the game as a premium app, selling the iPhone version for $17.99 and the iPad version for $19.99. Square Enix has stood by a lot of its classic titles on the store (Final Fantasy Tactics is a hugely popular title that still sells for $17.99), both because the game are still available for the DS and other systems for higher prices, and because the company believes in the high quality of the games.

Dropbox two-step verification available for testing

As reported by Techdows, Dropbox is allowing beta users to enable two-step verification on their accounts. Two-step verification requires users to enter a six-digit security code along with their password when they login to Dropbox or add a new computer, phone or tablet to their account.

Users need to install the latest forum build of Dropbox (version 1.5.12) to their computer and then visit Dropbox’s website to activate the two-step verification. Customers will have to choose between receiving their security code via text messaging or an authentication app like Google Authenticator (free). Mac users who are familiar with the OS X Terminal app can also consider using the OATH Tool to generate the code. Dropbox also includes an emergency backup code that customers can save for emergency access to their account if they lose their phone.

Apple/Samsung jury foreman cites tech experience in quick verdict

Now that a decision has been made in the patent trial between Apple and Samsung, the jury is free to speak to the press about the proceedings. Juror Manual Ilagan spoke to CNET and told reporter Greg Sandoval that the jurors decided Samsung had infringed after only one day of deliberations. Ilagan pointed to the email exchanges among Samsung execs and Samsung’s video testimony that convinced him the Korean company had copied Apple. Once the infringement issue had been decided, the rest of the decision-making process was easy.

Jury foreman Velvin Hogan spoke to Reuters and echoed a similar sentiment as Ilagan. Hogan told Reuters it was the video testimony that was made it clear that Samsung’s infringement was intentional. After determining that Apple’s patents were valid, the jury began evaluating each Samsung device and found that all infringed on at least one Apple patent. The jury award Apple US$1.05 billion in damages, an amount that could be tripled because the infringement was willful.

Daily iPad App: Jack Lumber goes chop socky on trees

Daily iPad App Jack Lumber

Sega has just started publishing other developers’ games on the App Store through an initiative called Sega Alliance with Jack Lumber, a game by the folks who made Smuggle Truck (or Snuggle Truck, if you caught it post-censorship). This is a title that’s heavily inspired by the great Fruit Ninja, but instead of just ripping off Halfbrick’s apple-slicing classic, it actually iterates forward on that game quite a bit.

For one thing, instead of just slicing through the air as quickly as you can, Jack Lumber will actually pause and slow down the logs you’re meant to be cutting through, which lets you set up a little more strategy to your slices. You can cut through multiple logs in one swipe for bonus points, and some logs have to be cut in a certain directly, or chopped twice for maximum points.

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