Top Must-Have iOS 5 Compatible Cydia Tweaks And Apps For Your Jailbroken iPad 2

The release of Absinthe by the Chronic Dev Team, which contains the hard work of the jailbreak ‘Dream Team’, has introduced a multitude of new users to the world of Cydia.white

A number of these newly jailbroken devices are seasoned Cydia users, however, a decent portion are likely to be first timers who have recently purchased an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 for the first time.

If you have used Absinthe on your iPad 2 and wonder what the world of jailbreaking can offer you, we have compiled a list of useful, essential and fun tweaks which are iPad 2 and iOS 5 compatible.

Why Apple’s products are ‘Designed in California’ but ‘Assembled in China’

Look at the back of your iPhone, or your iPad, or on the bottom of your Mac. You’ll see the following words embossed somewhere: “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” Many Americans, all the way up to the President himself, have wondered why Apple has outsourced virtually all of its manufacturing overseas. At a dinner with several top US technology executives last year, President Obama asked Steve Jobs flat out what it would take to bring those jobs back to the US. According to Jobs, there’s simply no way for it to happen.

Why not? Why can’t iPhones, iPads, and all the rest of Apple’s magic gadgets be built in the States? More generally, why can’t more US-based consumer electronics and computer companies do their manufacturing work domestically, helping to create American jobs and boost the struggling economy?

Top Must-Have Jailbreak Tweaks And Apps For Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S

If you’re a long-time jailbreaker of Apple products, the wait for the iPhone 4S untethered break may have been particularly treacherous, and the release of the A4 jailbreak late last month must have looked like raw steak to a lion.

Thankfully, the many contributing developers have released what we’ve all been waiting for.

So, you’re jailbroken; that’s great and all, but what’s next? Well, fire up Cydia, and we’ll take you on a little journey through some of the best tweaks available for your recently unshackled device.

We’re going to run through our favs, so watch closely, and you’ll have a few very useful tweaks to get you started!

Tutorial: How To Jailbreak iPhone 4S And iPad 2 On Windows Using Absinthe

Update: this guide also applies to Absinthe 0.4

Yesterday was a rogue day for the jailbreaking community when they were blessed with the first-ever iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak.absinthe

Two separate tools were released for jailbreaking A5-based devices, one was Absinthe for Mac by the Chronic Dev Team, and the other one, which was a command line-based tool for both Windows and Mac users by the iPhone Dev Team.

Absinthe, which comes to us from the creators of the original GreenPois0n tool, is probably one of the the simplest one-click jailbreaking tool that we’ve come across in recent times. You really don’t have to do much except for clicking one “Jailbreak” button to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, but it was limited to Mac users only, until now.

The Chronic Dev Team has been working their heads off for the release of the Windows version of Absinthe, and as promised, it is now available for download.

Five apps to help you track your finances

It’s January, which means you’re probably thinking about your finances for the upcoming year. Tax season is right around the corner. There might be employment changes coming or large purchases on your mind. Here are five apps to help you keep track of your money as it goes in and out of your wallet.

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