Kazaa reborn as iPhone, iPad music service

Several years back, Kazaa shed its roots as a file-sharing service with questionable content and is now a legitimate music subscription service.

To expand its offerings, the subscription service recently introduced both an iPhone and an iPad client.

Similar to Rdio and Spotify, Kazaa lets you listen to music on the fly on your iOS device. The app lets you search for artists, create playlists and sync your music for offline listening.

Kazaa for iOS is available for free, while the service has a $10 monthly fee.

LEGO robot helps stress-test iPad app

The developers at Pheromone Lab have been working on a photography iPad app for a client.

The client asked them to load test the app by using it to take about 10,000 photos. Since no one was keen to press the shutter button ten thousand times, the gang got creative.

Using a LEGO Mindstorms kit and a cardboard box, the Pheromone Labs workers rigged up an automated iPad photographer. The rig’s arm is equipped with an iPad stylus, which conducts electricity much as a human finger does.

From there, all they had to do was sit back, pose for a few photos and complete the task that the client requested.

Apple To Release White iPod touch 5G Next Month With Minor Upgrades [REPORT]

As we eagerly await some official coverage from Apple regarding the release of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, reports have emerged which suggest the iPod touch will also be subject to some minor upgrades and will be available in white.

With the large majority of Apple-related news circulating around the Cupertino company’s latest smartphone device, there hasn’t been much room for the little ol’ iPod touch, which still shifts a fair few units in its mainly teen-based market.

Information collated by MacRumors suggests that aside from an improved ambient light sensor and possibly a few hardware tweaks, the only other change will be on the display, which will get a lick of oleophobic coating. So while it’s not exactly anything to be doing somersaults about, it still keeps the iPod touch fresh in the eyes of that aforementioned teen market.

This latest find seems to essentially quash rumors of a potential 3G-capable iPod touch becoming available any time soon. While the device has long since done a grand job of being the “iPhone without the phone part”, unless you are connected to Wi-Fi, many of its features – such as Safari – are rendered useless, handicapping a device which could seriously benefit from a little extra internet connectivity.

With the fruit company almost certain to be dropping an entry-level iPhone alongside the iPhone 5, it will be interesting to see whether the  iPod touch can still maintain a market. Even with a white version added to the mix, those who currently settle for the touch may be tempted by the cheaper price range the iPhone 4S looks set to fall in.

Logitech Harmony turns iPhone, iPad into a remote

Logitech has announced the Harmony Link, a Wi-Fi remote base station/iOS app combo that turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your TV.

Logitech isn’t the first to come to market with a hardware/software iOS remote, but the Link may well be the coolest. Its magic lies in the Harmony Link app and its visual TV guide.

Instead of simply scrolling through a text-based list of TV shows, the Harmony Link app displays your channels and their shows using large visuals. Swipe left or right through title cards representing TV shows (usually the show’s logo) then tap an image to find out more about the show.

Tap the “Watch Now” button to tune your TV to that channel or mark favorite shows and channels so you can quickly skim them to see what’s on. As cool as it is, there’s one caveat to the Harmony Link app. Currently the visual guide will only work on the iPad. iPhone (and Android) users will have to use the remote app sans visuals.

The Harmony Link base station plugs into your wall and has eight “snake” IR receivers that can reach your devices even if they are tucked out of view in a home entertainment cabinet. The Harmony Link base station connects to your home Wi-Fi network, which is also how it takes commands from your iPad or iPhone. No line of sight or additional IR attachments are needed for your iOS device.

Instagram 2.0 Adds Live Filters, 4 New Filters, High-Res Photos & More

Instagram has just announced the availability of Instagram 2.0 in the App Store.

Instagram is a popular iPhone app that allows users to take photos, add filters to make them look better or funny and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. Instagram 2.0 makes it even better with new filters and new features such as live filters, high resolution photos and more.

Instagram 2.0 includes the following new features and changes:

Live filters – so fast, we let you see them live See the world through Instagram’s stunning effects before you even snap a photo. Simply select a filter, hold the camera up to the scene and see the world through Instagram’s visual effects. We’ve re-written your favorite Instagram filters to be over 200x faster so even after having taken a photo, switching between them takes no time at all.

Four new filters You’ve asked for more, and we’re excited to provide four brand new filters: Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia. With these new filters, we continue the trend of turning regular photos into beautiful snapshots. What’s most exciting to us is that we’ve teamed up with @colerise, an extremely popular Instagrammer, to produce these new effects. Keep your eye out for more collaborations to come.

Instant tilt-shift Selective blur over 100X faster than before. Pinch, pan and rotate tilt-shift to give your photos unparalleled depth of field with live preview included.

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