iOS 4.3 to Bring AirPlay Video Streaming To Safari and Third party Apps in 2011

Steve Jobs EmailAirPlay was introduced with iOS 4.2.x which allowed users to stream audio, video and photos via supported iOS devices so that you can watch them on your television sets (using Apple TV). This feature though came with its share of limitations, the primary being the lack of support for third-party apps, and audio-only streaming from Safari.

There are of course ways to enable AirPlay Video Streaming in all iOS Apps, but I bet most of the users would prefer getting a concrete solution. Maybe Apple can release an API that can be utilized by the third party app developers to enable streaming via their applications.

The problem was initially put down by many who thought that the issue could be related to bandwidth limitation. But a more concrete reason could be associated to Apple making haste with the incomplete version of AirPlay that doesn’t support third party apps. Again in my opinion this haste was made to ensure that the iOS 4.2 is released in November. The second most nagging issue that has been noted is that users are unable to stream content on their iPhone 4 via AirPlay that has been shot on their iPhone 4. The reason as mentioned above could be bandwidth related.

Whatever the reason was, Steve Jobs in his response to a mail

aTV Flash Brings New Features To Apple TV 2G; Including The Ability To Surf The Web

Apple TV aTV Flash blackIf you had the old Apple TV, you probably might have heard about a TV Flash, a software package that adds support for a browser, Boxee, USB hard drives, many file formats, EyeTV content, RSS feeds, FTP/SSH access, and additional plug-ins and apps.

Fire Core, developers of aTV have just released the first beta version of aTV Flash (black) for the new Apple TV.

aTV Flash brings the following features to Apple TV 2G:

  • Surf the Web – Experience the web in all its glory and stream HTML5 video from many popular sites (note: not all HTML5 sites supported yet).
  • Discover New Music – Find new artists you’ll love by accessing radio stations, artist bios and slideshows.
  • Plex Client – Stream media from Plex Server running on your Mac. (big thanks to quiqueck for putting this together)
  • Info on Demand – Keep track of current weather and news feeds on your AppleTV.
  • One-click Updates – Install, remove or update plugins in a snap through the native AppleTV interface.

Fire Core plans to add the following features in the future:

  • Go Beyond iTunes – Enable playback of additional media formats.
  • Access Media Anywhere – Stream media from most NAS devices.

You can checkout some of the

TrueHDR for iPhone updates and improves photo quality

HDR (high dynamic range) photos are getting a lot of buzz now, especially since Apple built HDR capabilities into the iPhone 4. While the official Apple implementation is pretty good, I still suggest photographers take a look at third party offerings which have more options, and in my opinion, some of which do a better job.

TrueHDR today updated its US $1.99 app, and added a “Natural” mode, which makes the colors more realistic and reduces noise. The developers claim the natural mode uses new image processing techniques that have been written using all new programming.

The app allows you to take an image in fully automatic mode, semi-automatic and manual. I used all the modes, but preferred manual to select my light and dark points. Read on to see why.

TueHDR image with 'natural' settingPro HDRiPhone image with Apple HDRiPhone camera image with no HDR applied

OpenFeint announces in-app content service, infrastructure to support freemium games

Social gaming network OpenFeint has finally unveiled its OpenFeint X service, which will allow developers on the App Store (and a few other mobile platforms) to add cloud-based microtransaction content to their games on top of Apple’s own in-app purchase service.

This is apparently a system that lives outside of Apple’s own store, and allows developers to quickly and easily add in-app content without having to go through Apple’s approval system. If that sounds confusing, it’s because the system is still so new — only a few developers have worked with it so far (though we’re supposed to see it running in popular titles like Fruit Ninja soon), and the updates for providing virtual currency and goods aren’t out yet.

But this is the next step for OpenFeint — after Apple released Game Center,

Pocket Frogs hits 3 million downloads, 350k daily active users

NimbleBit developer Ian Marsh tweeted a link to a promotional infographic about popular app Pocket Frogs yesterday, and the title has apparently reached a whopping three million downloads in just ten weeks on the App Store. Daily active users have peaked at 350,000, which is a pretty sizable number for an app of this scale (you can also see on the graphic that it’s been developed by a team of 2, and less than $500 has been spent on marketing the app).

There’s also some information in the graphic about the in-app purchases on the freemium app. According to NimbleBit, over 12 million potions and over 4 million in-game stamps have been sold to players. Prices on those actually vary depending on how many you buy at a time — you can buy 10 for 99 cents, or 1000 for $29.99. But we’ve already heard that most of the purchases are of the 99 cent variety, so when you put the average closer to that, I calculate the app has made well over a million dollars. That’s before Apple’s cut, of course.

How’d they do it? The graphic also

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