Voodo 2 – New Todo Magic for iPhone

Voodo screenshotBeijing, China – I Wonder Phone today is pleased to announce the release of Voodo 2, a big new version of its simple yet powerful GTD/todo app for iPhone and iPod touch. It is celebrating the new Todo Magic with a 50%-off price in the App Store. Voodo perfectly combines a simple, clean user interface with a rich set of powerful features.

After trying existing GTD/todo apps, Ling Wang, an independent developer from China and the founder of I Wonder Phone, found those with wanted features are all too complex and they often Make Things Up more than really Get Things Done.

So he decided to design a GTD app that is really simple and powerful at the same time. That’s how Voodo was born. He named it Voodo because he hopes it could help users Get Things Done like voodoo(magic).

Voodo 2 has an almost brand new design underlying to incorporate so many new features such as

App Review: Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust is a terrific game for the iPhone — it’s an arcade game that’s basically a one-stick shooter, where you move a ship around a 2D field (rendered in colorful 3D), collecting asteroid ore and taking down alien robots. But though the basic premise of the game is quite simple, there’s actually a lot of depth that builds up over time, as you navigate around various zones, and upgrade your ship, your ore collector, and all of the other various parts of your space ore business.

MaxNick Debuts iCurling 1.0 for iPhone – Olympic Curling

Stavropol, Russian Federation – MaxNick today is pleased to announce the introduction of iCurling 1.0.1, their new 1 or 2 player game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game comes in the wake of the excitement of the 2010 Winter Olympics, where the sport of curling generated world-wide enthusiasm.

Similar to shuffleboard on ice, the game is played on flat ice curling sheet, roughly 15×150 feet. Players slide round stones of about 40 pounds towards bull’s eye targets at either end. Two teammates may use brooms to sweep the ice in front of the moving stone.

iCurling attempts to simulate Olympic Curling by incorporating many aspects of the actual sport. Fundamentally, curling is about force, mass, friction, momentum, rotation, and collision. The app exploits the sophisticated physics engine built into the iPhone OS to generate a convincing simulation of all these elements as they interact.

Balance Forecasting 3.0 – Practical Finance for iPhone

Norwalk, Connecticut – Independent developer Robert Chitoiu today is pleased to announce the release of Balance Forecasting 3.0, an update to his innovative finance app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Designed to provide answers to the many practical, “what if” questions which arise in home finance, Balance Forecasting requires the user to simply input their repeating bills and income, and one-time bills and income. The app is then ready to accurately forecast the outcome of any imaginable scenario, helping the user make wise financial choices.

The typical household faces a variety of ongoing financial conundrums. “Will there be enough left in the checking account to pay a bill on a particular date?” “What will my balance approximately look like in 3 months?” “What will happen if I increase my credit card payment by $100?” Balance Forecasting replaces the

Guide: How To Save SHSH Blobs (ECID SHSH) of iPhone 3.1.3 and iPad 3.2

SHSH BlobsSince Spirit jailbreak release is on the horizon, it is time to save your SHSH blobs so that you can jailbreak (by downgrading) your device again should Apple release a new firmware once the exploit is public.

The following two paragraphs explains what are SHSH blobs and why is it important to save them now.

So first up, what exactly is SHSH blob or ECID SHSH? Well, it is basically is a unique signature which is checked against Apple servers whenever you decide to restore the firmware on any of your iDevice (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Once a new firmware is released, Apple stops signing the older firmware, hence making it impossible to restore back to the older firmware from iTunes.

Now to “why is it important to save SHSH blob”:

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