If you like the look and feel of Windows Phone 8 or you just want to get a feel for the interface on your iOS device then you may want to try out Paragon.paragon2

Paragon is a new DreamBoard theme, so you will have to download and install DreamBoard from Cydia for this theme to work.  Developed by EndFinity, Paragon gives you a completely transforms iOS’ user interface on the Lock and Home screen.

Starting with the lock screen, you get a completely different and sleek look.  At the bottom there are your unread messages (texts, emails).  Instead of sliding to the right to unlock, you just slide up.  If you don’t slide it all the way up and let go, you get a nice bouncing animation as the lock screen stays in the foreground. (Check the video for a demonstration).


On the Home screen you get the tiled look that Windows 8 is famous for.  There are 3 tiles are are “active” tiles which are the “People”, “Games”, and “Music” tiles. These animate within themselves and brings your springboard a little more life to an otherwise stagnant UI.  The People tile will rotate pictures of your contacts if you have them set. You have the ability to move and change the size of the tiles to a small square, large square, or a large rectangle.

This gives you some room for creativity when designing your own custom Home screen.  Just put the tile in wiggle mode like you would do in iOS and an arrow will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the tile, tap it for your desired shape.


If you want to remove a tile, just put it in wiggle mode and tap the pin icon in the top right of tile.  To add a tile to the Home screen, swipe over to your spotlight (swipe to the left) and just tap and hold on an app and it will give you an option to “pin to start”.   Then you can change the size/shape and move it to your desired location.


By pressing the volume rocker, you get a banner at the top that gives allows you to control your music as well as your ringing preference and of course the volume level.  Banners are also themed to match the red tiles as you can see in the picture below.

Check out the video walkthrough of Paragon below:

You can download Paragon for $2.49 from Cydia. Themes like iWphone8 iPhone5Metroon  have brought Windows Phone 8 UI to the iPhone, but Paragon is the best we’ve seen so far.

Let me know what you think of Paragon in the comments below!

➤ Download Link (Only works on jailbroken devices)

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