We lately came across a blog post from Vocab Ninja which lists out the 32 text-to-speech voices Apple uses in iOS 7. From Arabic to Czech, and from Oriental to Turkish, it’s interesting to paddle through all the different languages and see just how iOS reads out “Luke, I am your father” in a range of various tongues.

Altogether, iOS 7 assists 26 languages, though some are naturally offered in differing dialects. For example, there are numerous English languages, consisting of centered accents from Australia, South Africa, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, and the Usa. Likewise, there are numerous languages for Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Dutch.

Now in order to obtain your iOS device to review text to you, simply go to Settings >) General >) Availability. From there, tap on “Speak Choice” where you could then toggle the establishing into the “On” position. Following, simply tap on “Voices” and you can choose the language of your finding.

Speak Selection iOS

As for really listening to spoken content, the moment the setup is allowed you could select a passage of content– similarly you may pick text to reduce or replicate– and a brand-new “Speak” option must offer itself. It actually is a helpful and excellent iOS attribute that numerous folks simply aren’t mindful of.

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