PieMessage Provides iMessage To Android [Movie]

Third party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Kik Messenger have grown to be very popular on the world wide size not just since they’re effective ways of speaking, but additionally since they’re certainly cross platform and permit customers on various systems to keep in touch with each other. You are able to realize why the kind of Apple might wish to maintain its iMessage support solely inside the iOS environment, however it doesn’t appear as if that’s likely to occur. A brand new available-source project named PieMessage has become visiting the recovery by permitting Android customers to obtain up and operating with iMessage communications with no need for an iOS device.

This isn’t the very first time that the guru creator has chose to provide the iMessage methods across towards the Android system. Additional options have nevertheless currently dropped from the wayside, and didn’t truly provide any sustained advantage to anybody who attempted to make use of iMessage from within Android.


The largest distinction between PieMessage and prior cross platform iMessage efforts is the fact that PieMessage gets round the requirement to operate everything via a third party server by utilizing person’s own Mac as host. This really is an much greater answer because it enables the Android proprietor to make use of his/her very own equipment whilst the intermediary host, instead of counting on a third party providing to path the communications, which could not just be unreliable, but additionally really vulnerable. Additionally, this answer unlike prior options, doesn’t need any additional jailbroken iOS devices to function.

The creator has launched a demonstration of the software for action, displaying just what it is effective at. You are able to view it within the movie inserted below. The app isn’t function-finish simply however, and consequently is just accessible like a really early alpha model. It’s also available-source, and the signal can be obtained to download and eat on GitHub. Oh and it’s suitable through Android 4.0 to Android 7.0.

Should you’re officially au fait, then you may check out the task on your own on GitHub here. It offers all of the directions and all you need to obtain up and operating with PieMessage on Android.

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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