There’s something dreadful concerning being in love with an outdated piece of modern technology, yet I will certainly hold onto my iPhone 4s up until the day it dies. You could find on your own asking why, but the answer is easy. The iPhone 4s is the best designed phone Apple has actually ever before released. Even as new generations of iOS and iPhones have been launched the 4s keeps chugging along, revealing its age with each brand-new update but still powering on with waves of abuse from users and Apple alike.

Now there are rumors Apple is going to release a 4″ iPhone 6, and if they prove real I have one easy demand for Apple. Just place new guts right into the physical body of the iPhone 4s. For the love of god, don’t attempt to make it any sort of thinner.

Certain, I would like to have something thinner, yet the significant issue with apples iphone since the 4s is that they’re breakable as heck. I have actually had my iPhone 4s for 3 years. Throughout those years I’ve dropped it plenty of times on a cornucopia of difficult surface areas without ever breaking the front display. It nearly checks out like a commercial: drop it on concrete, wood, tile, marble, filth– it survives them all. Yes, I finally made myself a split this year, however it took years of effort and steady use.

On the other hand my better half is now on her third 5c, with the screens on her very first 2 each shattering the first time they fell on the ground. I’ve viewed comparable problems with the 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus. The guts are from the future, however the display can not survive the battle of real daily use. You could make all the guarantees you wish concerning advanced glass, but if you keep making that glass remarkably slim it will certainly keep damaging.

Yes, you can make use of an instance but that doesn’t protect your phone from everything. Also bulletproof vests have weak points. Even the 4s can be cracked if you attempt hard sufficient. Apparently, I have not striven sufficient. As an experiment, I’ve deliberately never ever used a situation with my 4s. They have actually always been easy to replace, so I desired to see exactly what it would take to eliminate it. Now I still don’t entirely know the best ways to kill this monster via day-to-day use. Your iPhone 6 could have a super computer system human brain, however my 4s has a bomb shelter body.

Whether you call it the iPhone Sixes mini or the iPhone Standard, kindly Apple, for the love of all that excels and respectable in the globe, keep your eyes on the under-appreciated layout that still leads your various other phones in sales in establishing markets. Let the people who desire huge thin phones have them, yet additionally make room at your table for those of us which wish a small, yet hard to eliminate, beast in our pockets. Provide the 4s body one more go at magnificence, and you’ll find me lining up a month in advancement. Please Apple, recognize your finest design. Boost its insides and bring a traditional right into the future.Dear Apple, please bring the iPhone 4s into the future originally showed up on TUAW: Apple information, assessments and how-tos considering that 2004 on Wed, 24 Dec 2014 14:30:00 EST. Kindly view our terms for use of feeds.Dear Apple, kindly bring the iPhone 4s into the future originally showed up on TUAW: Apple news, evaluations and how-tos considering that 2004 on Wed, 24 Dec 2014 14:30:00 EST. Kindly view our terms for usage of feeds. Read|Permalink|Email this|Comments [source]

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