A brand-new study has actually compiled an intriguing understanding into to the differential habits of iPhone and Android individuals. Notably, it advises that while iPhone proprietors are most likely to have taken a recent flight, working out a white neckband job or beverage wine when it concerns picking an alcoholic beverage, blue collar Android owners are more likely to chug beer and use the bus.

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Many studies have actually drawn some amusing verdicts on the noticeable distinctions between iOS tool owners and their Android-toting equivalents.

Study did in 2013, for example, revealed that typically, iPhone proprietors were more youthful, wealthier, and more smart than those in ownership of a Samsung Galaxy, and now, this research study by financial backing firm Electric battery Ventures pitting iOS up against Android appears the moment again to reflect Apple as the brand of selection for the upscale.

Certainly, considering that Android smartphones differ in rate from low-end right approximately the similarity the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 at the leading of the stack, it stands to factor that you’re going to find a combined bag of folks owning tools working on Google’s platform.

The iPhone, meanwhile, is a high-cost premium item whichever means you look at it, specifically considered that the 2.5-year-old iPhone 4s still costs around the exact same rate as a highish-end Android, therefore because of that, those with much less non reusable money are, mostly, more probable to purchase Android.

Yet nevertheless, this research reveals some appealing stereotypes that will no question act as nice fodder in the recurring iOS vs Android discussion.

iPhone users are, for far better or for even worse, much more most likely to have actually bought the stock exchange, and much less likely than Droidsters to participate in possibly damaging practices like eating junk food on a regular basis and smoking cigarettes tobacco items.


Amusingly, both celebrations taken into consideration in the research study are equally as most likely to view Fox Information and possess a gun, so while they might have disagreements on just what foods to eat, how you can travel and which mobile OS to run, there are still some usual traits.

The research study is necessary to aid companies discover the demographics of particular consumer bases, where promotions and solutions could be adapted appropriately.

However while it has actually drawn some powerful verdicts, it would certainly be ignorant to think that all iPhone owners are pompous, wine-sipping jet-setters which Android users are Homer Simpson kinds that drown their griefs at the back of the bus. That would be entirely incorrect.

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