Retailers are running out of 12-inch MacBooks, refresh (hopefully with more USB) likely soon

Is Apple planning to refresh its 12-inch MacBook? BestBuy is currently listing all models of the device as unavailable on its website leading some to speculate that Apple could be planning a refresh. 

If the Best Buy listings are indeed a hint at an upcoming refresh— other retailers still list the 12-inch MacBook as in stock— it would come ahead of Apple’s WWDC event typically held in June and often used to introduce new Macs. But it wouldn’t be entirely surprising, as the 12-inch MacBook happens to be one product in Apple’s lineup currently due for an update and we reported previously that faster MacBooks were considered for the iPhone SE event in March but likely wouldn’t arrive until April or May. We also reported that Apple was planning new MacBook Pros for sometime later in the year.

Earlier this month we compiled the latest intel on the future of Apple’s MacBook lineup, noting that MacBook Air, the 12-inch MacBook, and the Retina MacBook Pros are all approaching or passing the one year mark since being introduced or last updated.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.10.57 PM

The Best Buy website listings aren’t enough to confirm a MacBook launch before WWDC, but adding to the speculation are references to an “early 2016” 12-inch MacBook discovered in the latest OS X server software. That would seem to indicate a refresh coming before June when WWDC is usually held.

While WWDC seems like the ideal venue for the next major product announcements, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple does a silent spec update on a MacBook without a press release or event if that’s what ultimately happens. It’s also not a big stretch to imagine the 12-inch MacBook, being Apple’s newest design and likely the future of the MacBook line, would get a relatively minor upgrade this year compared to other MacBooks that could get stage time at WWDC. I’d expect 

We’ve reached out to Best Buy, Apple, and other retailers for comment.

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