Accessory maker P. Attempts to provide iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus customers some double functionality using its fresh Leather Pockets with iPhone 6 Plus Situation, including eight credit/bank card slots, a rear file for money, and a sleeve for that bigger-measured iPhone. The situation, that will be accessible through Apple’s personal online store, is measured at 6.81 inches high having a thickness around 4.13 ins and is targeted to stay slender and hidden even if filled by having an iPhone and numerous charge cards.

Following A week useful, I Have unearthed that Danny P.’s Leather Wallet Event sticks towards the firm’s bullet-point list of guarantees explaining the situation on its site, especially within the gratifying quality of supplies used-to art the iPhone item. A person with carrier property or the wallet to accommodate its style that is vertically large may effortlessly look for a ton to love-in the situation, particularly those seeking an all in-one property answer for both iPhone and financial safety requirements.


The bifold keeping the eight charge card slots inside of the Wallet Case’s remaining part comes with a starting about the correct and top attributes to put on several bucks in money, or every other slender bits of records or document. The position which in fact retains the iPhone is just a complete sleeve, stopping use of the smartphoneis display and inputs using the single exclusion of the house switch and Contact identification (should you slip it in inverted).

Danny P Wallet 3
like the majority of sleeve cases, the interior of Danny item includes a delicate suede end to create it more straightforward to slip the iPhone in and from the wallet, and avoid it from obtaining any scrapes while located there. The emblem of the company’s can also be wonderfully subtle on both the wallet’s encounter and at the iPhone sleeve, though this really is significantly with respect to the end of the German leather utilized on each edition of the case’s underside. Danny R. Delivered me the all- choice that was dark, and it’s ideal for anybody searching for an item that was hidden.

While fully-packed with eight credit, money, and benefits cards, some money, and the iPhone, the situationis width calculated simply under an inch for me personally on the morning-today foundation, that we discovered to become remarkably low-cumbersome provided the quantity of information I put inside. Danny R. Additionally promotes Contact identification for fast Apple Pay funds and the iPhone to become positioned inverted as mentioned to gain access to both headset port.


As somebody who runs on the wallet that is conventional, the Wallet Situation was a little challenging originally compared to small-sized purses I am used to. After utilizing it for some times, however, it shocked me how effortlessly I became acclimated towards the dimension of the situation.

Danny P Wallet 5
obviously, lots of facets may alter just how much use I get free from it continue. For just one, the Leather Wallet Situation is mainly promoted to company-kind people on-the-proceed, who’ve bags or big chest pockets at the prepared on a regular schedule. Some of my winter coats and hoodies have assisted the situation proceed mostly unseen, although I am not the goal industry there.

Danny P Wallet 6
Instead, attempting to match Danny situation inside the limits of jean pockets is more of the trouble. I had been ready to handle it, but that isn’t exactly what the business-concentrated situation is intended for, and it’s particularly not suggested to truly have the almost-eight-inch-tall situation protruding from one’s pants’ back-pocket. I will observe its dimension being an issue for me personally the sooner I get using the less coats and overcoats, to the hotter months I have to wear supplying space for that situation.

Leather End

Like an organization that not just deals in third party technology items, but conventional apparel components aswell, the Leather Wallet Eventis quality of substance was quickly my personal favorite aspect about utilizing it every day. I am usually a lover of shade (the Brown/Orange edition of exactly the same situation is certainly my personal favorite), but actually the standard dark of the situation delivered for evaluation gained me around rapidly.

Danny P Wallet 1
The leather is sleek and gratifying to the touch, but responsive and grippy enough to create eliminating and incorporating charge cards a cinch. As R. Describes on its FAQ webpage, the leather is just a “dwelling” substance that extends out with time. Therefore as the card slots were a little tight at first, both card slots and the iPhone sleeve were easier to work well with after only a weekis value of splitting in. when it comes to the area for cards, eight slots mightn’t be sufficient for many, however it was really an ideal quantity for me personally.

Danny P Wallet 2
These card slots experience properly safe, however the available cover area for money wasn’t as dependable. Several times after I reopened the budget get some money or to check my phone, it’d pour out onto the case’s iPhone aspect. Pushing on cash further in to the part of the collapse assists, however it makes the money tougher to get rapidly.

iPhone Safety

The Danny P. Reliable safety was also offered by situation for my iPhone 6s Plus, even when it’s overall significantly basic in delivery. The sleeve property the iPhone is expectedly restricted to maintain points safe, therefore don’t be prepared to match the iPhone inside having a situation on (I attempted with Apple’s Leather Situation and could not ensure it is after dark camera).

consequently, the Leather Wallet Situation offers no safety when you consider the iPhone from the sleeve, a used to donot especially enjoy when examining my iPhone while from the home. But within the budget, the largest deal-breaker for many may be the possible lack of instant use of the iPhone’s display while still like a basic sleeve.

Danny P Wallet 8
Undoubtedly, this could function as the the key reason for me personally fundamentally changing back again to another budget and phone event answer aswell, though a person with an Apple Watch must have a lot of that necessary display-checking relieved. I discovered the situation does small to stop the regular attentive quantity of the iPhone and examined notices without my Apple Watch on, however the same significantly troublesome procedure for eliminating your iPhone simply to observe who’s contacting or texting still applies.

when it comes to being truly a audio friend, the look of the case enables use of the iPhone’s headset port, but anybody who favors quick-access to audio handles outside the inline audio distant on Apple’s EarPods or additional headphones will likely be more disappointed than not when using the Leather Wallet Situation.

Apple Pay

Danny G was worked basically just like by Apple Pay. guaranteed it’d on its website. Using the Contact ID switch uncovered at the Leather Wallet Case’s most effective, all customers need to do is dual tap on the house switch using their Contact identity- hand that is accepted and tap on the case to an NFC final.

Danny P Wallet 7
I examined the situation out at my neighborhood GameStop, and just went into one problem: the very first time used to donot twice tap the House switch quickly enough to create up Apple Spend, and my iPhone revealed. Apple Pay listed my iPhone like a charm through Danny case when I had been lastly fast enough, although I’d to consider the iPhone from the situation, secure it, subsequently place it in to get a minute attempt. Without quick-access towards the lock and display switches, the blazing-fast reaction about the iPhone 6s Plus of Contact ID may be the just possible challenge to exceed when it comes to Apple Pay of the Leather Wallet Event.

Main Point Here

The three shades readily available for the Leather Pockets with iPhone of Danny P. 6 Plus Situation — Brown/Orange Brown, and Dark — must supply enough of a selection for anybody thinking about the item. And because it’s an item that’s much less openly past than conventional purses provided its dimension, good leather and the sleek sides end effortlessly create the situation a smooth everyday friend that is globally.

The warning obviously is the fact that it nevertheless wont make an impression on anybody who merely does not have the wallet or carrier room because of its dimension, that was created to support the 5.5-inch display of the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. It may be a specialized niche, but when you’ve a sizable-tested iPhone, are searching for an excellent budget situation, and make use of a carrier or coat with substantial pockets on the daily schedule, Danny accessory ought to be at the top of your purchase list.


  • Fashionable style
  • Top quality leather
  • Minimum building helps decrease mass
  • Readily available credit/bank card slots
  • Apple Pay assistance
  • Safe iPhone sleeve


  • Sleeve stops instant use of iPhone display
  • Collapse for money can lead to disorganized leaks
  • Starts simple iPhone to possible weakness when removed from sleeve
  • Expensive

Just how to Purchase

Danny P.’s Leather Pockets with iPhone 6 Plus Situation can be bought from both firm’s standard site and on Apple’s online storefront for $129.95. Presently, the Dark color choice can be only just purchased by customers on the Brown edition on, and Danny website, as the shade-blocked Orange/Brown edition can be obtained on both sites. These thinking about Danny design but with no iPhone 6/6s Plus must check out comparable cases for that iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 5/5s, and several MacBook Air and iPad sleeves offered from the organization.

Label: Danny G

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