When it ended up being clear that the Nokia X was going to be the initial Android-powered phone from the Finnish business that Microsoft now possesses, it left several people specifically excited. Android combined with Nokia’s hardware chops assured to indicate something rather special, but alas it had not been to be. The lately announced Nokia X might undoubtedly have Android flowing via its capillaries, yet it’s almost as we ‘d wished.

NOkia xx

Greatly skinned and hindered by a low-end specification, the Nokia X should not be given as well considerably of a tough time. After all, it’s focuseded on arising markets and expenses less compared to a big skinny flat white. Yet that does not indicate that we won’t question what can have been. Regarding just what a Nokia phone powered by stock Android would certainly be like.

Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The people over at TechReporter clearly have the very same sensations as we do regarding Android on Nokia hardware, which is why they’ve launched a video showing a Nokia X running a third-party launcher that a lot a lot more carefully looks like stock Android than the effort advanced by Nokia themselves.

Side-loaded like a boss, the new launcher changes Nokia’s meddling and brings several of the conventional Android experience to the Nokia X. Regrettably it still does not imply that the Play Store and even Google’s in-house apps are visiting deal with the cheap-and-cheerful phone, but the thought of having the ability to use third-party launchers like NOVA must a minimum of fill several with a little hope. Eventually we wouldn’t be the slightest little bit surprised to hear that Gmail, Google Maps and all the remainder have actually been shoehorned onto Nokia’s hardware. This is Android it goes without saying, and Android fanatics adore nothing even more compared to making this job that should not.


The Nokia X could not be the Android phone that all of us wished Nokia to offer us, however with its remarkably affordable tag and target of arising markets, we can just wish that it’s an unquestionable success. Just after that will Nokia probably provide us exactly what most of us actually desire.

If Microsoft permits it, obviously.

Now we simply need a person to toss in CyanogenMod on the Nokia X. That would certainly be impressive!

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