Romo is a plaything with an objective: to educate kids (and adults) some programming concepts while they’re having a good time. The US$ 149 robot makes use of the power of your iPhone or iPod touch as its brains and face, and the result is charming and academic. Not just could Romo be made use of as a fun toy, however additionally as a telepresence buddy. Keep reading for information, and then enter our giveaway of a Romo.

Romo started out as a Kickstarter job in November of 2011, and quickly received over 350 percent of its funding. A second task in November of 2012 was created to bring the layout as much as a sellable format– the manifestation that you could now buy.

Specifications (without gadget connected)

  • Dimensions: 3″ higher x 5.6″ long x 4.5″ vast (7.62 x 14.22 x 11.43 cm)
  • Battery: 2000 mAh NiMH, great for two hours of use
  • Demands: iPhone 5/5s/5c or fifth-generation iPod touch (Lightning model), iPhone 4/4s or fourth-generation iPod touch (30-pin version). iPhone 4s or more recent required for telepresence ability.

Layout Highlights

The Romo robot base is surprisingly well-designed. There are two tank tracks that are utilized to move the base and transform on a penny, a light inside the back of the tool to indicate that it’s connected and to reveal “feelings”, and a tilt mechanism that holds the iPhone or iPod touch to enable Romo to “nod” or look around.

That base looks like it could possibly tolerate a great deal of abuse, which is exactly what it will probably receive if used by children. That’s a benefit– the last thing most parents will intend to do is have a $ 150 toy break after a week. I drove the Romo around (both with the telepresence application and via its programmatic interface) a lot, punched it into wall surfaces and various other things, and it still looks excellent as brand-new.

Yet it’s the Romo app that is the star of the program right here. The application is free of charge, and as you’ll see in the capability part of this assessment, it’s used to inform a tale and help Romo’s owner to advance through a set of difficulties to learn how you can program the gadget.

Romo is regarding the cutest robot you’ll ever see. In the story, he’s a being that involves Earth and settles in your iOS gadget. He wishes to participate in some races, however requires your help to learn exactly how to do things. That’s where the understanding part of the app is available in, slowly but certainly developing capabilities from a pre-programmed collection of activities until you string those items together.

During the whole time, you’re acquiring comments from Romo in the form of beautifully-animated face phrases and fun noises. If you’re purchasing this for a kid, ensure that they could either review a bit or that you exist to read several of the tale and motivates to your kid. The programs is finished with images, so when the kid masters exactly what each icon does, they could take it from there.

Functionality Emphasizes

Romotive actually used making this product easy to learn, simple to make use of, and enjoyable. Once the individual has actually undergone a couple of sessions, extra functions are included in individually. Very promptly, you have the Romo reacting to your face, chasing after shades (it has some built-in face and color acknowledgment abilities), complying with pre-programmed programs, and more. It’s a definitely blast to enjoy with, and I’m stating that as a 56 year-old!

Among the a lot more intriguing probabilities of Romo is utilizing it as a telepresence companion for the elderly. Each Romo can be “called” via an unique six-digit number, either from the free Romo Control application or from a page on the Romotive site. Consider providing an elderly relative a Romo, perhaps with an older iPhone completely installed. You can call your relative’s Romo, relocate the tool around to find them, then have a conversation with them. Obviously, they would certainly need to remember to connect in both the Romo (it makes use of a USB to micro-USB importance connector) and iPhone each day …

That big image seen over is the Romo-eye sight of the chair I’m resting in, while the image on the right is exactly what appears on the Romo display for viewing by the remote person. I could send my video clip or have the Romo make faces. The pad enables me to control the Romo in four instructions, while that “white ball” left wing side changes the tilt of the Romo so it can “look” backwards and forwards.

A few of the more remarkable things feature the hunt game, in which you take something vibrantly tinted, surge it before Romo up until its “face” transforms the very same shade, and afterwards it complies with that color around. This was truly fun with a little basketball I had– I let Romo identify the orange colour, then it really ended up driving the ball around and following it any place it rolled.

As an educational toy, Romo is absolutely terrific. By stringing together various actions, youngsters (or grownups) can obtain Romo to do a great deal of different and remarkable things, and Romotive is continuously adding to the capacities with free upgrades. There ares an SDK for designers that intend to create iOS applications for the Romo platform; I cannot stand by to see what they come up with in the future.

Each lesson is done with a “mission”, which you after that have to identify how you can program through using some simple actions. As soon as Romo runs the objective, you’re given a rating of no to 3 celebrities, with 3 stars being a best rating. The suggestion is to obtain 3 stars on every objective to verify your understanding of the fundamental commands. Purposes are delegated to a “planet”– there are planets for the hunt computer game, for finding out the best ways to drive Romo, to acquire Romo to inform you its preferred colour, to recognize a human face, and much more. The additional you attain with Romo, the more earths are opened.

The Laboratory is an earth where individuals have the ability to try out all the commands you have actually found out by simply playing. You can string the numerous commands with each other to obtain Romo to do some quite bizarre and fun things. While many of the goals are rather rigid in what they enable you to do with Romo, The Laboratory gives users a possibility to actually see what Romo can do.

I akin to the fact that the battery life is so good on Romo. I was able to putz about with the little robotic for a little greater than both hour battery life time, and I think most children would acquire tired before running the battery completely dry.

Exists anything else I wish to see? Well, my hope is that Romotive is functioning on a second-generation Romo that would feature an understanding arm or some sort of method of getting items. Then it would certainly be possible to set Romo to wander over to a dish of candy, grab a piece, and provide it to my workdesk … an absolutely rewarding activity!

I would certainly additionally find it interesting to see if Romotive or a third-party developer can use the M7 movement controller chip in the iPhone 5s to supply some added capabilities to the little robot. As an example, have Romo manage to tell simply exactly how much it has gone (based upon velocity and velocity) and stop or carry out one more action once it’s gone that distance.


Whether you check out Romo as a plaything, an education toy, an enjoyable gizmo to have fun with, or a movable telepresence robot, it masters every component. The application that manages the robot base is whimsical, educational, and a heck of a great deal of enjoyable. If you’re a moms and dad who wishes your kid to obtain a running start on finding out the essentials of html coding, or if you’re merely an adult which akins to enjoyable playthings, Romo’s well worth your $ 150.

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