Samsung is among the most respected carriers of Google’s Android. Save a couple of half-hearted Windows Phone initiatives over the past few years, the Oriental company has actually regularly spun out swathes of smartphones running the common software, and thinking about exactly how several hundreds of millions of mobile phones out there are on Android, the $ 50 million Google paid to get Android nearly a many years earlier looks a wise little business. But it has now arised that in actual truth, Andy Rubin, among the charter member of the Android team, really tossed the product to the Galaxy maker out in Seoul, a proposal that Samsung unquestionably – – and maybe, unfortunately – baulked at.


Sure, Google has actually positioned a large amount of research into refining Android from what it was in 2005 to model 4.4.2 KitKat, but the base item was there, and Samsung, which invests 10s of millions yearly on advertising alone, had the possibility to buy Android before Google went in advance and bought it out.

Paraphrasing, Rubin recollects that a room of concerning ten Samsung execs turned their noses up at the small Android group back in 2005 when it entered search of financing for the appealing project:

‘You and exactly what army are going to go and develop this? You have six folks. Are you high?’ is generally just what they claimed. They giggled me from the boardroom. This took place 2 weeks prior to Google acquired us

When Rubin went to satisfy Larry Page, the Google co-founder went one better than the financial investment that Android was searching for, and instead made a step to acquire the product. Aware of the fact that the mobile landscape was maybe on the cusp of a remarkable change, Android was to be Google’s primary weapon in fight, although little did the business know that it would be Apple – – not Microsoft, as numerous had meant – – that would certainly come in and change the game.

Since Google doesn’t produce devices, keeps Android open-source, and has continuouslied boost the item considerably many thanks to its specialized group, I assume we could count ourselves lucky that the Big G got into Rubin’s suggestions. With all due regard to Samsung, the search giant’s software advancement arsenal is much remarkable to the Galaxy maker’s, and with Samsung likewise being an OEM, we might, or perhaps, almost definitely will certainly have had one more mobile OS special to one brand name.

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