Samsung Does It Again, Copies Apple’s “Shot On iPhone” Strategy

Apple’s now-famous “Shot on iPhone” press campaign includes a bit of opposition, with Samsung aping the strategy, utilizing the tagline “Grabbed on Universe S7” instead.

Although Samsung is seemingly unfazed by putting fun at Apple, the iPhone, and certainly, customers of the iPhone or Apple goods, the organization is actually not above merely getting an iPhone 6s advertisement and subsequently mauling it right into a scenario where it match its smartphones. Although “Grabbed on Universe S7” may possibly not be as appealing as Apple’s unique, Samsung will probably prosper using the strategy.


As Apple currently understands, Samsung has started to understand that customers utilize their smartphones a great deal throughout the day, and getting pictures is just a large section of that. Displaying exactly what the organization’s equipment and software is effective at isn’t the toughest concept on the planet.

Made to showcase the 4K video-recording and still images chops of its flagship Universe S7 and Universe S7 Advantage smartphones, the strategy employs what seems to be appropriately shot press while Apple’s unique strategy uses information which was produced exclusively by customers themselves. It’s possibly a small aspect within the great plan of issues, but having the ability to consider exemplary pictures on the device should you’re a pro is something; performing it when you hardly understand which method to contain the camera is another.

On document, both iPhone 6s and Universe S7 can handle the identical video-recording characteristics – 4K movie at 30fps or 1080p movie photo at 60fps. You will find, obviously, a lot more facets involved with making spectacular movie or pictures than pure quantities and data, however they undoubtedly aid.

Both iPhone and Universe S7 can handle getting fantastic pictures aswell, and that’s what actually matters here. It’s simply frustrating Samsung couldn’t develop a strategy which was a bit more unique than this.

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