Whenever a launch of a brand-new mobile device doesn’t go exactly to plan, there’s consistently at the very least one guy up in the seniorities that end up taking the fall.


Scott Forstall was the scapegoat when Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app took a public flogging for its not-even-beta-worthy state, and now, Samsung layout principal Chang Dong-hoon has been switched out by his deputy many thanks to drawbacks associating to the Korean attire’s Galaxy S5 style.

Even though the handset itself has actually been typically admired, the initial go for the Mobile World Congress viewed numerous analysts and observers question why it looked so like its precursor, while others buffooned the rear of the gold design for its band aid-like aesthetic.

With Chang stepping down, his aide Lee Min-hyouk will take the powers, although as yet, it’s hard to identify precisely effective ways by which this will certainly affect the firm’s general style ethos. Lee was a component of Samsung’s cooperation with Renault in the automobile industry back in the nineties, as well as though, at 42, he’s amongst the youngest in Samsung’s corporate ranks, he’s still acquired an impressive quantity of encounter.

Because Lee has actually been a long-lived understudy, it’s possibly not likely that we’ll view instant, radical modifies like we viewed with iOS post-Forstall. Yet with a new lead comes new concepts, and expecting the likes of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6, Lee’s reign could possibly even maybe signal a departure from he polycarbonate surface.


Numerous people really hoped, fruitless, that the Galaxy S5 would ultimately offer supporters a premium, metal surface comparable to the much-lauded iPhone 5s and HTC One M8. Actually, leakages and rumors leading up to that MWC showcasing appeared to propose that this would certainly definitely be the instance, and the perceivably low-cost, plasticky feel would finally be finished with.

However it had not been to be, as well as though the GS5 has actually been deservedly the topic of much honor for its superb video camera and similarly outstanding Super AMOLED HD screen, allow’s wish that the Lee-manned time touts a design worthy of such a high-end smartphone.

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