Samsung Universe Note 7 Exynos Vs Snapdragon 820 [Speed Test]

Yes, you thought it, another fresh much talked about smartphone continues to be launched into numerous areas, which obviously implies that there’s to be always a velocity check to determine just how it works.

We’re obviously referring to Samsung’s Universe Note 7, but instead than placing it mind-to-head against a device like Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus, we’re referring to a velocity check that views the U.S. edition (Snapdragon 820) of Samsung’s newest phablet compared against its Western (Exynos) counterpart. Same producer, same design, but distinct processors.


Written down requirements are a humorous thing as it pertains to smartphones and pills. We’ve traditionally been aware of numerous velocity checks that place two devices mind-to-head in a number of assessments against each other where there must be a definite success when the requirements are something to pass. Nevertheless, in lots of these assessments, the precise reverse has occurred, and that’s mostly been because of the extremely updated relationship of equipment and software that handles to obtain one of the most out-of what seems to be an poor device, at least written down.

Now nevertheless we observe both variations of Samsung’s fresh Universe Note 7 and place them mind-to-head in a number of assessments that entails operating the same group of apps across a number of sorts and groups. The check was created to observe just how each device releases and masses information inside an app, and how effectively the equipment and software mixture employs issues like multitasking and store apps in-state to provide faster load situations on second launch.

For anybody that has observed velocity assessments of Samsung’s equipment previously, it possibly gained’t come as shock to discover that the Exynos-centered worldwide edition of the Universe Note 7 completed equally laps of the check 22 seconds quicker than its people Snapdragon-based counterpart.

It’s very important to observe that this check isn’t precisely extremely medical, and doesn’t always convert towards the encounter real device homeowners may have as it’s really uncommon to become continuously starting and shutting apps on the timer. It’s still nevertheless really fascinating to determine that there’s this type of large efficiency distinction between two Note 7 versions meant for various areas.

(Source: DroidModderX ORIGIN Master [facebook])

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