Samsung is going right after Apple in its most current line of advertisements yet it’s in stores and sales figures that both will really duke it out over the coming twelve months with the costs iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 readied to be the weapons of choice. Which firm is regarded to have succeeded this year’s fight will significantly depend upon makings the far better work of this year’s high-end mobile phones.

So, with that taken into account you would certainly expect Samsung to be taking out all the quits when it comes to obtaining its Galaxy S6 ready for the masses and according to a new report, it may be set to do the one point it’s not handled prior to.

Galaxy S6 main

Baseding on a report by Mandarin publication Sina, Samsung is taking to the drawing board for the Galaxy S6 and doing something it’s high from known for in bringing a steel construction to the design.

The claims are baseded upon the Galaxy Alpha being the first Samsung phone ahead with a metal chassis and records that the Galaxy Note 4 might likewise be distinctly a lot more metal compared to previous variations which it is thought indicate the fact that Samsung has been checking the water while pushing ahead with the action to metal.


While the Galaxy Alpha does definitely have a steel framework, also that phone uses Samsung’s now familiar plastic rear panel, with Samsung merely refusing to adhere to the lead offered by both Apple and HTC in their adoption of an entirely much more strong building. Removable electric batteries and added memory requirements have constantly been the factor baseding on Samsung and its followers, so we don’t anticipate that to transform any time soon.

At the moment we would not wish to place too much stock in the claim that the Galaxy S6 will be made of anything particularly, though we would not be at all stunned if Samsung decided to transform the existing formula, especially considering the firm’s poor results for this previous quarter.

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