Samsung’s top advertising executive claims advertisement strategies mocking Apple were ‘relevant, daring and right’

Samsung’s government VP for worldwide advertising Younghee Lee has informed AdWeek that its advertisement strategies mocking Apple items were ‘related, daring and right.’

In The United States, we were intense with this advertising toward rivals—we went at them directly. If you were to think concerning the “Fanboy” and “Wall Hugger” (Galaxy S) strategies and the strategy we required there, we attempted to become versatile, related and daring.

Lee explained the organization’s method of marketing was just like its method of engineering.

If we believe it is correct, we follow it often.

Samsung includes a lengthy record of advertisement strategies straight mocking Apple goods and clients, from ‘the following major factor‘ mocking iPhone customers for waiting in-line, as well as a later variance in 2012, through ‘fanboy‘ and ‘wall huggers‘ in 2014.


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