SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

As long as we all enjoy our iOS devices, there’s something that some Android as well as Windows Phone devices often have that would certainly be actually great to have on an iPhone or iPad – expandable storage. A few of those devices have an SD, mini-SD, or micro-SD card port into which you could fall a cost-effective flash card, making it simple to transfer files between devices or store lots of material (photos, videos, and so on.) on a detachable card. Now SanDisk is bringing some of that versatility to Lightning-equipped iOS devices with the brand-new iXpand Flash drive (US$ 59.99 for 16 GB, $ 79.99 for 32 GB, as well as $ 119.99 for 64 GB).

While it appears special, the iXpand Flash truly isn’t something brand-new. A couple of years ago, I assessed the PhotoFlash i-FlashDrive HD, an 8 GB to 64 GB remedy with a going along with app that included a data system to iOS for storing practically any sort of kind of data. The device worked well; as a matter of fact, I still utilize it routinely to move masses of data in between Mac as well as iPad.

SanDisk’s option will have a little bit more standing, largely it’s from a business that is massive as well as well understood. SanDisk has a presence in 300,000 retail storefronts, as well as the company has a 36 percent worldwide income market share in the flash drive globe, so the brand has collected both understanding as well as depend on.


In terms of design, the SanDisk iXPand Flash is far more sleek than the PhotoFast solution. The former was a white plastic device with a 30-pin Dock adapter on one end and a USB connector on the other, with a USB to Lightning adapter tossed on for the newer devices. Sadly, that design meant that in lots of situations, situations needed to be removed from iPads and also apples iphone in order for the adapter to be plugged in.

Not so with the iXpand Flash. It includes a sleek metal-looking physical body with a versatile Lightning adapter that is stowed in one side. Atop the device is the USB port, secured with a smoked plastic cover.

The entire shootin’ match evaluates a little.9 ounce (25.5 grams) and also uses up a small quantity of regarding 2.48 x 1.46 x. 39 inches (63mm x 37mm x 10mm). It looks good – far better compared to the rather kludgy PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD – yet just how does it function in the real world?


The suggestion behind devices like the iXpand Flash is that no matter just how much space you have on an iPhone or an iPad, chances are truly great that you’re going to take a great deal of images or videos as well as run out of storage space. To offload those pictures and video clips, you connect the iXpand Flash drive into your iOS device, utilize the coming with free iXpand Sync app to get hold of the content and also store it in a folder or folders on the drive, and also then optionally utilize the USB connector to replicate the material to a PC or Mac for backup.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

I tested beta versions of iXpand Sync on an iPad Air. When the drive is hooked up and also the application is introduced, it provides a clean design revealing a team of folders (POSSESSIONS, Documents, Music, Photos, Videos), Mac as well as PC executables for SanDisk’s SecureAccess V2 software, and a few QuickStart guides.

One QuickStart quick guide shows how to connect the drive into a iOS device, in addition to the best ways to analyze the small LED on the side of the drive. The iXpand Flash drive does have an electric battery, and also an eco-friendly LED shows that it is charged, a red LED suggests a reduced electric battery state (through which instance you plug the drive right into a USB port for charging), and also a yellow LED shows that the drive is being charged.

To relocate something from your device to the drive, you tap the large red plus indicator button at the end of the iXpand Sync display. You’re asked if iXpand Sync has your permission to access your photos, and also your picture collection is noticeable once you give the OK. Images could be checked out by individual images or by albums.

To pick a picture or file, you just tap on its thumbnail in the application as well as a huge red check mark appears on it. A huge “Select Destination” button appears at the end of the display; tap on it, as well as you’re offered with the file system for the device. You could either tap on among the pre-created folders, or develop a new folder with the tap of a button.

I made use of 3 different beta versions of the app and faced some troubles; after deleting and also reloading the application a number of times, I was finally able to get it to work regularly as well as properly. I ought to keep in mind that the competing i-FlashDrive application was very buggy when it initially appeared on the App Store, as well as it has actually acquired regularly much better with time.

Among the application’s attributes consists of the capacity to do a Video camera Sync. This takes each one of the images in your Image Collection and saves them to a “Camera Roll Backup” folder the very first time it is run, then synchronizes any kind of additions made to the iPhone or iPad by duplicating those to the drive the following time you connect it. The sync was rather rapid, taking around 17 seconds to duplicate over 10 DSLR photos ranging in dimension from 6 to 10.3 MB in dimension. The drive had no problems copying some big video clip files, although it did decrease down a bit. There’s additionally a built-in function for transferring contacts to a data backup folder, which is constantly a great idea.

An additional helpful function of the iXpand Flash is for relocating large efficiency app documents between iOS and also Mac or PC. I had a variety of Keynote discussions that I needed to move from my Mac to an iPad Air, as well as it was very easy to copy them into the iXpand Flash, then from the iXpand Flash to the Air.

You could name your drive anything you really want – the driving test device was blessed with my surname – which is in fact quite helpful if you end up with greater than among the devices.


I was very pleased with both the design and also the performance of the SanDisk iXpand Flash drive. If I have any sort of grievance, it’s that the devices are fairly expensive compared with plain flash drives. As an example, I can grab a SanDisk Cruzer 64GB flash drive for concerning $ 30 on Amazon; it’s practically motorway break-in to bill four times as much for one that’s had a Lightning port and also some software program added to it. Regardless of the price, the SanDisk iXpand Flash drive is still a valuable device for any person which has to transfer a variety of large data between iOS devices as well as Macs or PCs.

Rating: 3-1/2 superstars out of 4 stars possible

3-1/2 star rating out of 4 stars possible

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