While Snapchat promoted the idea of sending out images that vanish after a quick perspective, sometimes you might should just send out a fast message to someone without a visual that you do not wish the receiver hanging on to.

Zeph screenshot

Enter Zeph. A free application for iPhone requiring iOS 7.0 or later on, Zeph has originated a special means to send out messages to pals that not only vanish, but are impossible to screenshot.

Every little thing concerning Zeph is very easy to make use of, right from the beginning.

Subscribing just needs a username and password, similar to logging in would. The only additional step is to follow up with your mobile phone number for verification and to check for any type of calls already on Zeph.

After visiting, the app displays a listing of contacts that have messaged you. Though the color scheme is blue and white, Snapchat is no uncertainty the inspiration behind the concept. If you have an unread message, touch the contact reviewed it. I received an automated greeting from “Teamzeph.”

Zeph screenshot

It’s in the way you read the messages where Zeph actually functions its magic, or possibly rather in the method Zeph screens them. The team at Zeph calls it “rolling glow technology.” When you view a message, only a little component of it is shown immediately, regarding the length of a word or 2. The remainder of the message will progressively discolor in as the previous components discolor out and go away completely. Picture you composed a message in unseen ink, beamed a black light on it to reveal the words and then gradually relocated your hand (and therefore the light) throughout the length of the message. That’s the impression of this rolling glow technology.

When the message is totally gone, you have 2 options at the bottom: replay or reply. The replay button goes away a couple of seconds after the message does, so you need to act quick if you desire to see it a 2nd time. If you make a decision to replay, you will not manage to do so once again for the same message. Two strikes and you’re out.

Touching the reply button glides the keyboard in and allows you 160 characters to kind out a response, the typical amount for an SMS text message and 20 greater than a tweet. Comprising a new message works similarly, yet is doinged this instead via the top right button over your primary list of messages.

To send messages on Zeph, it does require that you have buddies or family members currently using the app. Sending out invites through the application should aid out that being, but they need to sign up with to see your messages or respond to them.

Zeph screenshot

A little bit bare bones for now, Zeph is bristling with the capacity for also a lot more powerful attributes. Snapchat does provide the ability to just text chat with buddies without sending any sort of photos, however the trouble with the app as a whole is that it’s reasonably simple to screenshot and keep photos and messages.

Zeph fixes Snapchat’s problem in a straightforward, yet stylish fashion that’s entirely fool-proof in my experience.

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