The dubious winner these days’s “are you bleeping joking me with this app?” award goes to The Clorox Firm, which ought to have given me with some eye bleach for their succeeding entry Sock-It: Leave the sock in the hamper (free, as if any person would reimburse this).

From the App Store description:

Neglect the sock on the doorknob – whenever the need for personal privacy occurs, get your phone, open Sock-It and tap it. As soon as triggered, the Sock-It application makes use of iBeacon technology to allow anyone which approximates your door know that you’re, well … a little active right now.

It’s straightforward, simply activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature and any individual who comes close as well as has downloaded the application automatically will receive a notice allowing them understand it’s most likely most ideal to offer you some space for a while. Nevertheless, which truly wants a sock on the door?

Your roommate/friend/mom / whomever additionally requires to have the application on his/her iPhone to obtain notice that you are otherwise, erm, involved in tasks that you prefer to not have interrupted (like sleeping, for instance).

All university roomies and teen-aged kids should download and install Sock-It now. That is all.

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