Some Run Customers Not Able To Connect With LTE After iOS 9.3 Update, Repair within the Works

Because the launch of iOS 9.3 a week ago, some Run customers have now been not able to connect to LTE systems, based on reviews on Facebook and reddit. After upgrading, influenced customers state their iPhones is only going to connect 3G, and there seems to be no obvious repair with resets and reinstalls not fixing the issue for most of US.

Based On one reddit person in Florida, he is having problems when his iPhone efforts to connect to some particular LTE group. Affected customers are discouraged using the connection issues, with a few reporting an inability to get any communications or improvements when not on Wifi. Many customers viewing issues be seemingly utilizing Apple’s newest devices.

I am having information problems aswell on my 6s Plus within the LA/OC marketplace. In the last three times I Have been troubleshooting on my 80-mile round-trip travel via Field-Test and Speedtest. I have determined that data-transfer is damaged when attached to Obvious B41. No issues on Run B41, B25 or EVDO. I have produced a solution with Run Treatment, and allegedly they’ve informed their network group. I am expecting an answer.

I Have spoken to Apple aswell, they did a diagnostic check that got up regular…obviously it did, since I wasn’t attached to Obvious B41 at the full time. At this time, the only real strategy would be to possibly eliminate LTE or return back again to 9.2.1 before Apple stops signing it. I am unsure if it has related to the WiMAX shutdown in my own marketplace, but I’ve realized that the TAC went from 9xxx to 3xxxx following the shutdown. I have repaired 3 times via iTunes to no avail.

around this morning, Run has started delivering out texts to its customer base, recognizing the information link issue. Run claims that it’s conscious of the problem and “operating rapidly” on the repair.

Apple today released an iOS 9.3.1 update having a repair for an unrelated internet connecting insect, and while it’s unclear when the fresh update fixes the Run problem, it’s improbable as Runis texts were sent following the update was launched.

(Thanks, Kyle!)

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