After almost three years of records, rumors, but scoops which never ever panned out, it’s been validated that Apple’s new A8 processor chip is in simple fact being made by Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC).

The news comes politeness of Chipworks who deduced as much after tearing the iPhone open but checking out all of its internal parts.

Apple stated that it has 2 billion transistors (two times that of the A7) and is supposedly improved TSMC’s 20 nm process. At 89 mm2, it is 13 percent smaller than the A7 (102 mm2), while Apple claims it has an up to 25 percent much faster CPU and also 50 percent much faster graphics. It depends on 50 times faster than the original iPhone’s CPU but as much as 84 times faster at graphics; all while being 50 percent a lot more power reliable than the A7, which we wish is an excellent sign for the electric batteries on those huge ol’ displays

We can tell you that the spoken to gate pitch is ~ 90 nm, which agrees with our report on the Qualcomm MDM9235, also fabbed by TSMC in their 20 nm process.

As anybody that’s complied with Apple for many years could attest, reports of Apple abandoning Samsung as well as instead relying upon TSMC to fabricate their collection of A-x cpus dates all the means back to 2011 when records appeared that TMSC would make the A5.

Similar rumors emerged in subsequent years regarding the A6 and the A7.

The Chipworks teardown of the iPhone is surprisingly extensive and also well worth looking into if you go to all thinking about where Apple sources all of the elements that compose Apple’s brand-new iPhone models.

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