Merely when you think you have actually heard all of it, a company includes through with a brand-new mobile instance that assists to handle the concern of “selfie arm.” If you have actually never ever heard of this recently-coined expression, it’s utilized to describe the apparent arm in self-shots, or selfies, taken with a mobile device, and the Selfy situation looks to, ahem, arm you versus this unattractive intruder with the support of a remote Bluetooth shutter control.

Selfy main

The way Selfy works is simple. The Bluetooth part is connected to the rear of the situation, and when you wish to take a selfie, you ignite the camera application, remove the remote, position your mobile phone for the perfect shot, and attacked the remote detonator.

Obviously, you need to put in the routine foundation of shooting up the Settings app and partnering your gadget with the situation in the first spot, however the moment you’ve taken the 30 seconds to do this, you’re all established.

The remote actually regulates the volume switch (which, when the Video camera application is running, increases up as the action switch), so if you don’t take place to be in video camera method, the remote container, in theory, be made use of to increase quantity. This might be rather valuable if, state, you’re holding a little, music-fuelled gathering, but obviously, you’ll actually need to go and by hand turn the volume down on your own if things acquire as well insane.

Selfy remote

The remote element of the Selfy situation features its own tiny electric battery, and when not being used, the device has the clearheadedness to switch itself off after five minutes. Fortunately is, however, that you won’t should re-pair with your iPhone or Galaxy S5 every single time you wish to use it; merely hit the remote’s solitary button and you’re good to go.

Selfy remote 2

The port where the remote is housed is also built as though it can clip onto the series of mounts that iLuv, developer of the Selfy instance, additionally has on its roster.

The selfie craze has actually been in presence for several years, but only recently has the term been gotten by the wider media and pop culture. If you want to purchase this fad, the Selfy situation will certainly set you back $ 49.99, and while this is quite a high cost, it does indicate you won’t have your arm blocking what might have or else been a fantastic snap.


If you’re interested, you can get the Selfy from:

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