Statement: iPhone 6/Plus models t/ unresponsive shows & grey flickering now prevalent

Fix guide site iFixit nowadays posted an article describing what it and additional repair businesses explain as developing grievances of the touchscreen problem among iPhone 6 Plus and some iPhone 6 customers.

The unresponsive iPhone displays, based on examining completed by iFixit, may be the consequence of a problem not using the display itself however the chips used-to manage it.

“…based on fix professionals, the issue isn’t the display at all. It’s both touchscreen control chips, or Contact IC chips, about the reason panel within the phone…“this problem is prevalent enough that I’m like nearly every iPhone 6/6+ includes a contact of it (no pun intended) and are like ticking bombs simply waiting to do something up,” claims Jason Villmer, operator of STS Telecom”

The iPhone models with unresponsive shows will also be frequently along with a slim grey flickering point across the the surface of the display (as described above). 

Whilst the statement records, the problem is one which has previously been delivered to Apple’s interest through its help boards online and via stores. There are many balances of the problem not being resolved by Apple Shops while we’ve individually noticed that Apple’s stores are changing defective models with fresh devices when they fulfill particular guarantee needs only. One or more of the repair retailers questioned by iFixit for that tale stated the problem is prevalent enough that Apple must provide a recall or repair plan.

A few of the repair outlets believe they might have discovered an answer to avoid the problem from occurring as time goes by:

To be able to make sure that Contact Illness is clearly healed, some repair stores have now been tinkering with methods to maintain the reason board from bending. Following a Contact IC fix, iPad Rehabilitation, for instance, continues to be incorporating a powerful steel guard outrageous of the chips being an inner encouragement. “We’ve unearthed that positioning our very own mod—a steel shield soldered within the label guard—appears to guard the phone from potential repeat of the issue….”

You are able to read more on iFixit’s blog.

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