In 2012 I examined the now defunct Lion Survivor + Driver iPhone situation. This year, Catalyst Lifestyle is now a stand-alone firm with an upgraded variety of situations. I had the possibility to attempt out the Driver Waterproof Stealth Black situation for iPhone 5 / 5S (US$ 64.99).


The Stimulant Waterproof is 13.2 mm thick, 134.3 mm tall, 67.2 mm vast (0.52″ x 5.29″ x 2.65″). It
considers 41 grams (1.4 Oz). It clearly adds a little mass to your iPhone, however it is less large than the version I evaluated last year. Driver has actually done away with the large latches that locked in 2012’s situation in position. The Stimulant Waterproof just fits with each other by breaking the case front into the instance itself.

The case provides IP68 protection from water as well as dirt, and will shield your iPhone in no more than 5 meters (16.4 ft) of water. It’s additionally offered the 810G military standard rating for protection from shocks and also falls up to 2m (6.6 ft).


My iPhone fit comfortably into the Stimulant Waterproof easily. All functions of my iPhone, including Touch ID worked completely, though it is recommended that you rescan your finger print with the iPhone in the instance to obtain a specific image. In regards to operating my iPhone, the only small adjustment was having to weigh down on the display a bit harder compared to I normally would for it to register. Ensure you push the iPhone right down into the situation to make certain there’s great contact in between your iPhone’s display and the situation display.

Similar to last year’s testimonial, the Driver Waterproof comes with strict guidelines for testing the situation before submerging it in water. Nevertheless, things have been simplified dramatically. There’s still an O-ring that is basically the waterproof seal for the instance. You need to see to it this ring is sitting correctly within the case which it is not twisted by any means.

Stimulant supplies complete directions on its website. Other than that and also making sure the battery charger port / audio jack plug is closed, you excel to go. I carried out Stimulant’s advisable test and also located no water penetration into the situation. If your iPhone was to choose an unforeseen swim, the Stimulant Waterproof case will certainly make sure not a decline enters.

In regards to security from knocks and drops, the Stimulant Waterproof gives outstanding, all round defense. If your iPhone was to take a tumble, knock or fall, you could feel confident that the situation offers considerable security.


The Driver Waterproof’s slimmer form-factor as well as much easier operation makes it a solid choice for those who desire a higher level of protection for their iPhone with the least amount of added mass. For day-to-day protection– and even specific events where you know your iPhone will be at specific danger of damage– the Stimulant Waterproof is definitely worth taking into consideration.

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