Study: With fresh technology for equally all-steel and all-glass styles, that ought to Apple use for 2017 iPhone?

Idea pictures displaying glass and steel shells

A KGI statement last month recommended that Apple might be headed back again to an all-glass iPhone following a sequence of steel-bodied versions. Various people may have various visual choices, but there also have to date been useful factors at play.

Glass shells permit a clear style, but are susceptible to awesome if fallen. Steel is better quality, but demands aerial cutouts that are not to everybody’s preferences.

Nevertheless, fresh technology might conquer both problems, therefore we believed it’d be fascinating to discover which method you’n like Apple togo when the disadvantages of every might be removed in the formula …

The Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe (under) displays how an all-steel style can work without noticeable aerial rings. Evidently, a little cut-in the chamfered side is sufficient to complete the task.

About the glass entrance, we’re viewing numerous new versatile glass-like supplies that will allow Apple to provide a style which appears like glass but flexes in the place of shatters on effect.


Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe all-steel housing

Therefore provided the option between a glass that doesn’t break and a steel that doesn’t need aerial rings, which substance can you like Apple to utilize because of its 2017 iPhone? Please consider our study, and reveal your factors and additional style ideas within the remarks.

Take Your Study

Idea pictures: Martin Hajek (glass); Jan-Willem Reusink (steel)

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