Apple’s news of third-party key-board assistance with iOS 8 was, for several, the clinching revelation of this year’s WWDC, specifically provided the ancient attributes of the current key-tapping encounter.


Ultimately, Apple will certainly be enabling property developers to modify the keyboard to suit the demands of the user, and with the similarity SwiftKey, Swype and Fleksy having currently set up really strong followings on Google’s Android, it’s very little of a surprise to learn that these three heavyweights will certainly all be on board for iOS 8.

For these companies, it has to have been a dream become a reality to listen to that Apple had actually ultimately caved to the tension.

With Tim Chef having boasted regarding Apple’s 800 million-strong iOS device customers over the previous 7 years, the similarity SwiftKey, Swype and Fleksy can quickly entertain a large new market and consequently, generate substantially much more profits compared to possible when Android was the sole beneficiary.

Fleksy is already obtaining its beta program begun, while the people at Swype note that they “can not wait” to obtain begun on an initiative of their own.

Flesky iOS 8

SwiftKey, as you could imagine, is additionally itching to obtain its iOS 8 keyboard out to the masses. For those that remember, the business introduced SwiftKey Note back in January, making it possible for iOS individuals to try the keyboard (albeit in a standalone app instead than in native form), and by the audio of points, is the most anxious of the three companies, noting that job has actually “already started.”

SwiftKey iOS 8

As a long-time SwiftKey user on Android, I am absolutely fed by the news of Apple opening up this component of the ecological community, and with any luck, the app for iOS 8 will certainly live up to the same exacting standards of the Android version.

Right off the bat, it needs to really feel like a completely different, vastly improved experience on the stock iOS keyboard that has stayed greatly unchanged given that the iPhone’s 2007 creation, and although Apple has put forth its own SwiftKey-like option for iOS 8, one believes that many will stump up a few dollars a pop for a regularly-updated app by among the professionals.

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