At an usually passionate occasion yesterday, T-Mobile’s enigmatic Chief Executive Officer and President John Legere announced that the company would certainly be launching a brand-new initiative that it hopes would certainly get rid of the dreadful sensation of buyer’s regret – – a well known trouble in the gadget-buying globe where we regret getting that shiny brand-new toy for whatever reason.

Tmobile test drive main

The program, called ‘‘ Examination Drive’ sees prospective T-Mobile consumers being supplied a free iPhone 5s – – or whatever the present upper crust is, as long as it’s acquired an Apple logo design on it – – and free, unlimited cellular based solutions for a complete 7 days.

Afterwards time, they merely drop the phone off at a T-Mobile store and stroll away. T-Mobile will clearly be really hoping that people would walk away with a brand-new phone and 2-year contract, but there’s no commitment to this offer.

John Legere and T-Mobile’s resulting news release mentions that the concept is a simple one: permit customers experience T-Mobile’s network and “put(s) T-Mobile’s data-strong network in the limelight.” The business now offers LTE in 16 markets across the UNITED STATE, with 15 markets assisting the sophisticated VoLTE modern technology that everybody is acquiring so woozy about. However, that very same press release sees T-Mobile remaining to call itself the ‘‘ Un-carrier,’ so those of us really hoping that would certainly pass away, well, not so much. T-Mobile’s marketing department has actually gone a little too far over the advantage, we fear.

The suggestion of permitting prospective clients try a network without securing them into a deal initially is something that is so noticeable, you question why every person does not do it. It’s a clear sign that T-Mobile is confident in its very own network though, and maybe provides us an indication of the factor the likes of AT&T do not also supply something comparable.

TMobile test drive iPhone 5s

T-Mobile is understood for off-the-wall marketing campaign and advertising, and this newest action is one that makes certain to get plenty of attention. Its network will need to supply extraordinary results for it to work however, otherwise it’s just providing people a reason to not provide it money.

Time will certainly tell.

To get begun with your free trial, simply going to: explore.t-mobile. com/test-drive-free-test where you’ll find all the essential information concerning guidelines and responsibilities.

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