As you’ll likely have heard by now, the TaiG iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak device has actually provided an untethered jailbreak for those running the extremely latest iOS 8.1.1, which is somewhat extraordinary provided that Apple just rolled the software out a fortnight ago. Since the dirt has worked out and probably thousands of iOS device owners have gone on and jailbroken their devices, TaiG has actually launched a statement clarifying its brand-new technique, and also suggesting to potential collaborative endeavors with the famous Pangu group.

Primarily, the declaration notes that while support for the currently-in-beta iOS 8.2 is something that the team has worked on, the feature for jailbreaking the incomplete software application is impaired in the present TaiG public launches. This seems to imply that when iOS 8.2 does hit the OTA, we could have a jailbreak instantly, although assuming the exploits utilized are the very same as those discovered in iOS 8.1.1 – – very likely, naturally – – it does show up that TaiG’s choice to hold back on iOS 8.2 beta support may be instead insignificant.


TaiG additionally takes down the timing of this jailbreak, which numerous taken into consideration to be strange considered that iOS 8.1.1 download is simply a small bump on the jailbreakable iOS 8.1. Yet as the group rightly notes, iOS 8.1.1 is most likely to be around for some time just before iOS 8.2 is made public, and considered that it’s a fairly secure launch, now’s an ideal chance for people to upgrade to iOS 8.1.1 and profit of Cydia tweaks once again. In addition, considering that Apple lately stopped signing iOS 8.1, the release of TaiG for iOS 8.1.1 means that those wishing to jailbreak are not stuck without an alternative to do so.

The statement likewise exposes that the jailbreak was achieved by one individual within the team, which is a legendary accomplishment provided the variety of hackers and safety experts frequently plugging away attempting to choose gaps in Apple’s software program. Sensibly, however, TaiG expands an arm and invites Pangu to a face-to-face interaction, and with these two now-revered Mandarin companies operating in tandem, it would certainly be to the tremendous advantage of the jailbreaking community all at once.

The piece ends by saying thanks to community members for their help in reporting bugs and various other such problems, as well as the general attention and exhilaration that has actually surely made it all worth your while for the TaiG group.

The full declaration (through Reddit) is as complies with:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.27.00 pm

Speaking with Chinese blog site (Google Translate), TaiG additionally adds an intriguing note that it overlooked to include in the lengthy declaration, proposing that a Mac version of the jailbreak technique could be headed in the close to future. Unfortunately for those trying to find a ballpark release day, it is obviously not yet chosen if it will certainly launch at all, not to mention when. In the meantime, you could follow our workaround tutorial:

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As a veteran follower of the jailbreaking world, I have actually watched some ups and downs, and currently, we’re definitely in the midst of the good times. Having as soon as hung around months, practically providing up hope of a jailbreak ever taking place, we have actually now had 4 jailbreaks in less compared to a year, and just what’s even more, rationale of those tedious “”tethered”jailbreaks seem around as dead in the water as the Netscape browser.

If TaiG and Pangu could find a way of collaborating as opposed to as prospective competitors, the regularity and high quality of jailbreaks is beckoned to boost, and although we’re looking ahead to prospective Mac assistance and are enthusiastic of an instant break for iOS 8.2, the real succeed would certainly be if these 2 modern titans of jailbreaking could pool their capability and run as a team.


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