Do you seem like having some fun at the expenditure of your iPhone-toting friends? There are a number of nasty points you could do to any individual with a smart phone– switching call numbers, for instance– yet there are a couple of special methods you can pull on those with the iPhone, and right here are the best of the most effective.

Note: These tricks apply to iOS 7, so if your good friend is still stuck on iOS 6 or earlier, you’re out of good luck.

Car incorrect

This one has been around for a while, however it’s still one of the most perplexing for people which have no idea concerning the iPhone’s auto-shortcut attribute.

Get the victims phone (ideally without them understanding) and go to the environments web page. From right here, visit “General” and afterwards “Keyboard,” and discover the “Shortcuts” food selection. Right here you could manipulate your close friend’s text input to do basically whatever you desire.

You can set any sort of single word to instantly alter into one more word and even an entire phrase. You could make some light tweaks like transforming “are” to remedy to “our” and “there” to “they’re” which will just make your pal look like though they never passed 5th grade English training, or you could get a little more ruthless …

The old switcheroo

This is just one of the most convenient to manage and it takes merely a few seconds.

Under the Accessibility menu, invert the phone’s shades then back out to the residence screen. Believe it or not, there are a lot of iPhone proprietors which don’t even understand that this function exists, which will certainly bring about a whole great deal of complication once they attempt to utilize their phone.

Unclickable icons

You’re going to need at the very least a min or two with the sufferer’s phone for this, so ensure you won’t acquire caught prior to you start.

Start by taking a screenshot of the individual’s house screen (house button + lock button). After that, conceal just about one of the individual’s home web page symbols on another web page or in a folder and tuck it away someplace that it will not be seen unless searched for. Keep the leading left icon in position, or else the phone may press all the symbols from the following page into the home display, which will certainly mess up points.

Now, established that web page screenshot as the home display wallpaper. Ta-da! You have actually now made a house display populated by unclickable icons!

Note: If the user has the parallax 3D impact enabled, they might figure it out faster compared to usual, however you need to still get at least a couple of laughs out of it.

The nonstop content

This is a fantastic method you can play on an iPhone owner without ever before requiring to touch their smartphone.

There’s absolutely nothing that improves an iPhone individual’s anticipation like the “your talk partner is entering” animation during an instantaneous message chat. The wicked brilliants at Miscellaneous Mischievousness tore that computer animation from the messaging application and developed an animated gif from it. Now you could send out the picture to your iPhone-owning friends and enjoy their irritation build as your “message” never ever comes through. Evil and very easy; a best combo!

Lock them in!

This one requires accessibility to the individual’s tool and a couple of minutes of your time too, however the outcomes will absolutely be worth it.

Initially, enter the Ease of access food selection and activate Guided Gain access to. Now go in to whatever app you desire to secure the victim into. Triple-click the house button to make it possible for Guided Access, which will certainly prevent the customer from stopping the application or supporting out to the house display. The phone will trigger you for a passcode as well, so just you will manage to free your friend’s phone from the app you have actually picked.

Wish to actually clutter things up? Open a music app like Spotify, crank the quantity completely up, press play, then use Guided Access to block the locations of the display that control the tunes. Now after you secure the application, there is no way to shut off the songs. The phone will not react to being placed in noiseless mode or the volume regulates on the side, and it additionally can not be turned off with the power button. Attempt this in a public location like a dining establishment to actually induce a setting.

Or, you could simply make use of the screen blocking attribute to write a cheeky message on the screen.

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