The craziest patent state however: $10B for kid-like ‘iPhone’ drawings from 1992

Simply after I believed that patent trolls couldn’t get any crazier within their statements against Apple, a California guy has confirmed me wrong. The Telegraph reviews that Thomas Ross is declaring an awesome $10B for what he promises is violation of the patent application he created in 1992.

As though it weren’t enough that his kid-like drawings of an “digital reading device” (ERD) appear nearly completely unlike an iPhone (and possess a few more computer devices), as it happens that his patent application was forgotten after he didn’t spend the subscription fees.

Their suit claims he was “the first ever to document a device therefore created and aggregated regarding have produced a book mixture of press and connection resources… whose identification was, since that time, hijacked and used by Apple’s iPhones, iPods, iPads and others”.

Contained in the suit processing are sketches of Ross’s unique patent. Ross promises Apple’s own copies “are considerably just like his complex sketches of the ERD, and that Apple’s three dimensional kind devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), incorporate the non functional visual search and experience”.

Oh, and along with the $10B upfront, Ross might also like a royalty of 1.5% on all potential revenue of iOS devices.

About the plus part, you need to do need to provide him credit for including a ‘mobile antenna’ within an ebook viewer in 1992, the entire year the Palm Pilot was made. Fairly forward-thinking for that period, and if he’n really succeeded in joining the patent, he may have had some genuine claims against early smartphones and book readers.

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