The trouble with having a mobile battery charger is that you might forget to carry one along sometimes, however what you will not neglect is the belt that assists keep your trousers up. Well, now it will charge your smartphone too, and keep your pants up. Go into – – XOO Belt from Nifty – – the belt with concealed, versatile electric battery packs.

The XOO Belt has been launched as a crowdfunding project given evident manufacturing restraints that Nifty faces, however with a working model the creators feature just how fail-safe the principle actually is if you consider it. The key to the belt is the versatile battery being made use of, as well as was found by creators Piers Ridyard and also Steve Levy, yet had not been developed right into an industrial item as yet. Well, presume what they figured it could be utilized for?


You may assume the belt would certainly look strange prima facie, yet however it looks much like other natural leather belt you would be putting on, other than that this one has a 2,100 mAh electric battery, with 1,300 mAh constructed into the belt, and also 800mAh into the clasp. This permits Nifty to supply a standard capacity to users at different waistline sizes as the electric battery simply uses up a certain section of the belt, as well as not its totality.


The belt has a considerably short micro USB wire affixed to the fastening, which is convenient to make use of no doubt. In manufacturing models, we are most likely to see the introduction of the Lightning adapter also for iPhone users, with the wire connected to the rear of the belt utilizing a magnet, because, obviously, it will certainly make the important things look less awkward.


Baseding on the creators, the battery utilizes a non-volatile lithium ceramic polymer – – which basically indicates you don’t have to fret about it blowing up around your waist. The XOO Belt’s clasp is separate to the belt, and we are most likely to view raised capacity or an option of different products or shades for the belt that users could connect to the fastening.


Nifty has actually currently passed half means with its targeted $ 50,000 mark in less compared to 24 Hr. The belt, when released, will cost you around $ 155, with Great aiming to ship product by July 2015, which isn’t that far off.

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