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Last week, I updated my Samsung Galaxy S4 to the new HTC One (M8), and I can confidently mention that if Apple’s iPhone was somehow cleaned from the face of the planet tomorrow, the new HTC One would be the second best point. It is, in short, exactly what I envision Apple would certainly develop if it constructed Android phones.

I can feel your complication currently; “What the hell is he discussing? Isn’t really this an Apple site?” you’re pondering. And that’s fair, so let me clarify.

As an Apple devotee, I keep my primary phone line on whatever the most up to date, best iPhone design occurs to be. But I have a 2nd phone line– a phone line I conceal from my Apple brethren; it’s a phone number no one understands and on that line I utilize an Android phone. I do not upgrade it with the same uniformity with which I update my iPhone, but every 18 months or so I use the reduced upgrade alternative and get whichever Android mobile is the new hotness.

I keep an Android phone around simply considering that I like to have a handle on the non-Apple mobile scene, and it’s a terrific way to compare Apple’s upgrades with the existing plant of contending gadgets. I’ve never ever been especially impressed with the Android equipment I’ve grabbed in the past. I find the large bulk of Android phones feel like toys, with plastic covering and a too-light hand feel, and also mostly horrendous battery life. I’m an Apple fan and, to me, the iPhone has actually long been the impalpable pinnacle of smartphone layout. So with that said in thoughts, right here’s how the new HTC One stacks up.


Easily the largest marketing point for any person which enjoys the iPhone 5/5s is the HTC One’s layout. Symmetrical, solid, and weighty, it’s virtually as though HTC was attempting to presume what the iPhone 6 would seem like. The HTC One overlooks lots of Android fads and complies with Apple’s lead with points like a non-swappable electric battery. The tradeoff is a a lot more hearty hand really feel with no bendy back cover or creaky, twistable framework that you’ll find on many of its Android counterparts.

For as much as Samsung oftens be “motivated” by Apple, HTC has actually taken care of to nail the iPhone’s construct quality far better than any sort of Galaxy phone ever before has. Just like Apple’s constantly remarkable iPhone develop mosaics, HTC suches as to extol just what it calls the “absolutely no space” design of the HTC One, and it’s an achievement worthwhile of the relatively manufactured hype.

htciphone comparison

The three-panel case, which was rollovered from the previous year’s model, does really feel a little bit “lifted” from Apple’s iPhone 5 design guidebook, but it certainly would not be the initial time the iPhone has actually established the tone for future mobile phones.

The screen gauges 5 inches, making it a complete inch larger in comparison to the iPhone 5/5s. Changing between both gadgets really feels weird sometimes, and the monitor on the One could be even a little also big for my mitts. If the rumors of a 4.7 inch iPhone are true, that may be a much more optimal dimension, however the One’s display is still lovely and useable with one hand.

Judgment: It’s the very first Android phone I have actually ever before held that I could mistake for an Apple item. That’s the largest compliment I could ever provide.


Much like Apple, HTC hasn’t fallen sufferer to the “cram all the megapixels” motion with the One’s electronic camera. Rather, the phone uses what HTC calls “UltraPixels” which is merely an elaborate word for an electronic camera that compromises a big number of megapixels in favor of low light capacities. The iPhone 5s routinely takes flak for not having mind-blowing electronic camera specifications, only to embarassment the competitors in blind picture “trial run,” and that’s the lead that HTC is following.

htciphone comparison

The rear camera actually includes 2 lenses, enabling Lytro-like depth data to be included in the photo. After a photo is taken you could change the focus as well as watch an artificial 3D rendering of the image. It’s rather remarkable and it works relatively well. It’s absolutely a various strategy and while the remainder of the smartphone world is attempting to transform their gadgets into DSLRs, HTC and Apple have actually seemingly stated that they prefer to try to add brand-new functionality atop already excellent photos.

Decision: The HTC One’s brand-new camera attributes are unique and unique, and while I ‘d still take the iPhone 5s video camera– and its in a similar way unique slow-motion video clip abilities– if I were required to pick, the One isn’t much behind.


Apple loves music. HTC enjoys songs. Apple most lately showed its passion of music by reinventing the contemporary earbud. HTC most recently exhibited its passion of songs by turning the brand-new HTC One into a mobile boom box.

htciphone comparison

Like the previous year’s version, the One consists of 2 “BoomSound” stereo speakers on its face. This year’s hardware is boosted from the previous year with heartier building, and it definitely reveals. The One is loud– and not simply loud; it really seems truly terrific when cranked completely up. While you may have to toss your iPhone in a ceramic coffee cup to enhance your songs, you might lug the One along a busy city road and still hear your songs without earbuds.

Judgment: This is one point regarding the One that I don’t assume Apple would ever before try with an iPhone, but it’s a well implemented function that lots of have attempted and failed at, making it seem like an achievement you ‘d see from Cupertino.


Android is still Android, and while you can make it look a little much more like iOS through different launchers and aesthetic tweaks, Apple’s mobile OS is still impalpable in my viewpoint.

Nevertheless, HTC’s own skin– called HTC Sense– transcends to comparable initiatives from Samsung and Sony. HTC Sense 6.0 comes preinstalled on the brand-new HTC One, and along with the social news feed feature called BlinkFeed, it stresses new touch features that would feel right in the home on an iOS tool.

For example, with the absence of a physical switch on the front the phone, you could wake the tool by just tapping on the display twice. You could launch specific applications by swiping in a certain direct on the lock monitor and even trigger the voice command device without having to open the phone, just like Siri.

Judgment: If you do not like Android, the version that features the brand-new One isn’t really visiting change your mind, yet HTC’s very own capability tweaks make things a lot more sleek and user-friendly, which iPhone individuals would certainly feel right at house with.


I adore my iPhone, and unless Apple seriously located a brand-new version of its famous smartphone, there’s no means I ‘d transform teams. With that said being mentioned, the brand-new HTC One is as near an iPhone in fit, finish, and capability as I’ve ever before viewed from an Android tool. The iPhone is still the peak, but HTC’s latest initiative is scaling the top.

The HTC One M8 is an Android phone produced iPhone fans originally appeared on Breaking Apple Information, Guideline and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 15:00:00 EST. Please view our terms for use of supplies.

Breaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple WeblogThe HTC One M8 is an Android phone created iPhone enthusiasts initially appeared on Breaking Apple Information, Guideline and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Blog on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 15:00:00 EST. Satisfy view our terms for usage of supplies.

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