I must start out by claiming that I’ve consistently truly liked Incipio’s iPhone instances. Of all the situations I have actually used given that the iPhone 3G– and there have actually been dozens– Incipio’s accessories are among minority brand names that have actually never ever fallen apart on me. Incipio likewise holds the honor of making the only instance I have actually ever before used for a whole iPhone generation (the Incipio NGP instance for the iPhone 4).

So, when I acquired the chance to take the Incipio Atlas ID, the bar was currently set rather high. Sadly, a selection of layout selections have left me feeling merely OK regarding the instance, instead of pleased.


  • Dimensions: 5.4″ x 2.66″ X. 0.52″ (137.16 x 67.56 x 15.75 mm)
  • Weight: 2.06 oz
  • Instance Product: Polycarbonate w / rubber wrap-around


The Atlas line are called “ultra-rugged” situations and are promoted as being water-proof, dustproof, and shockproof. To its credit history, the case is undoubtedly all these things, and after safeguarding it to my iPhone 5s it did provide the phone a sensation of indestructibility. I had not been also punishing on the situation, and checked regarding a 4-foot autumn onto a slim carpeted surface, which it took with no issue. I additionally soaked the phone in the sink (this had me sweating a little) but it survived simply well. From a security standpoint, it’s certainly leadings.


Nonetheless, defense isn’t really every little thing when it concerns a smartphone, and the gadget still has to be ONE HUNDRED % able to be used for a case to truly be worth it. The initial point that left me a little miffed was the ultra-spotting Touch ID precision when the instance was in location. There is a slim membrane layer that covers the Touch ID sensor to help the situation keep its water resistant pledge, however this substantially hampered its potential to review my finger print. Without the situation, my 5s achieves my print appropriate concerning 95 % of the moment. With the instance in position that stopped by at least fifty percent. It often took 2 or three readings to unlock my phone, which made quick accessibility fairly difficult.

There’s also a second trouble with the Touch ID membrane layer: It shuts out component of the screen. In the advertising products you can not see it (considering that it’s been edited out, I suspect?) yet as you can see in the picture over, the black shadow around the screen has a bump by the residence button that obscures a little the screen. This does not essentially hamper your use of the phone, but it’s surprisingly sidetracking when playing games on the device.

My last issue is with the touchscreen guard itself: It’s just not receptive sufficient to make use of every day. With the instance in place, the touchscreen does not read every one of your touch commands. As a matter of fact, I discovered it downright discouraging to scan the web with the case on since it downright voided my swiping and many of my faucets. A hard, firm press is commonly had to sign up the desired response. Downer.


Incipio’s ultra-protective new instance is indeed a savior for your phone in rough environments. If I was moved for a day on the beach or a hike in the snow, I would certainly utilize it without question, once I was within the comfort of my living room it would certainly have to be right away eliminated. If you’re seeking a case to sometimes equip like a meet of armor when required, the Atlas ID is an excellent pick, yet it’s no place near suitable for day-to-day usage.

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