I look at my iPhone lots– occasionally hundreds– of times a day, and I’ve always located it to be visually pleasing, otherwise totally excellent. A single tweet from a close friend transformed all that, and now I can not unsee the iPhone’s best flaw. If you selected this story, you have actually most likely currently saw the picture over where the imperfection is made blatantly noticeable, and for that I need to ask forgiveness.

If you cannot very cover your head around it, allow me be clear: The residence display page identifiers aren’t fixated the residence display, although to me they have actually always seemed. I’ve never ever also considered the fact that the refined dots would be a little askew, however they absolutely are, and now my instinctive desire for symmetry is pushing me to write a highly worded letter and send it towards Cupertino.

OK, possibly a letter is a bit much, however I can’t envision a factor why the necessary focus wasn’t paid to this unquestionably small design touch. Simply for kicks I decided to boot up my original iPhone 2G to see if the concern was brand-new to iOS 7 or if it has been hiding in ordinary sight given that the late 2000s.

It’s truthfully a bit difficult to inform if it’s flawlessly centered, given the really not-HD nature of the original iPhone’s screen, however it definitely seems to be close sufficient. So just what’s up, Apple? Why hast thou forsaken your legions of Starbucks-guzzling, self-diagnosed OCD sufferers in such a means? We desire balance, and we wish it now.

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